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Nintendo beats EA for top publisher honor

October 8, 2007

reggie wins

Game Developer Magazine. Never heard of it. But they’ve probably been responsible for one of the countless Top 20 whatevers lists over the past couple of years. Actually i think i picked one up at a Virgin once. It’s no GamePro.

Game developer magazine has published its annual Top 20 publishers report which is based on more than 300 industry professionals from all parts of the game production process. They voted Nintendo the top publisher, taking the accolade from 4 time winner Electronic Arts.

This is good for Nintendo, obviously, but EA must be feeling a bit sore over this, getting dethroned is never fun. They made a monumental effort this year to redeem themselves in the eyes of gamers. Too bad there’s no money in it; cas-core is where it’s at, as they say.

Now that Nintendo has taken the trophy home and is top dog in game publishing, who stands in their way on the path to complete market domination? Besides the usual suspects, i mean. Will they be regarded as the top game developer as well at the end of 07?


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