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MetPri3 Corruption – Nintendo’s first Wii Game

September 1, 2007

What you have already read elsew It’s been damn near a year and we finally get a Wii game. I mean a effin first party, Wii game.Metroid Prime 3 is the best Wii game, and so far the furthest thing from a Metroid game I have played….so far.

So far it plays more like a Halo or a Call of Duty than Metroid. In fact there seems the be a curve. In any other Prime getting shoot up by space pirates actually hurt. In Prime 3 either your suit is more powerful or everyone has their blasters set to stun.

From a guy who has played a ton of metroid let me lay this down for you.

While still only on the first level I can’t say that this is going to be a great adventure. I don’t seem to care about scaning everything (and I got 100% on but MetPri1 and MetPri 2) due to the action. In Metroid NES and Metroid Prime you have a sense of the being alone. In MetPri 2 everyone is dead. I’m a sucker for detective work and love to solve the bigger problem.Now to some cool stuff. The inital Battle with Meta Ridley was pretty damn cool. I felt out of place at the end, but overall it was a nice change previous boss battles.


Controls. Amazing and clumsy at the same time. I feel like all of the buttons are in the wrong placesn like someone tossed the conroller in a blender and just attatched buttons to random pieces. While naturally the B trigger should be shoot and A should be jump, they are flipped. I constantly find myslelf holding B and wondering why my cannon is not powering up.I can never remember were Ball mode is and Z serves less purpose than usual. In the previous MetPri games when you hold Z you lock on and when you shoot the blast will go there. In Corruption they want you to do the work. The Z keeps the enemy on the screen while you have to actually point and shoot. Missiles only holm in if you have an enemy locked so the button serves a little more purpose.

HOWEVER. You CAN change the controls. You have to go to the options menu and change just about every controller setting to make them the way they SHOULD BE. I guess retro wants you to look at their cool menus.

Summoning your ship is kind of cool, KIND of. Me as a fan of the series, I have issues on moving things around. I am trying to accept the new Metroid style, not to sound like an old guy. After Metroid Prime 2 I suppose people got bored with the gameplay from the NES days.Jumping in ball mode is nice and selecting the visors is actually pretty damn cool. I can remember where the buttons are anyway.

We will see how it changes once I am on a planet. Oh, It’s good to see another mother brain too.


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  1. Bill permalink
    September 1, 2007 9:43 pm

    The very first thing I did before even starting to play was switch the A and B buttons. I did think it was strange the default had A as the gun and B for jump. Though I do expect to be doing a lot of jumping in this game. I went from hating the controls, to feeling used to them, and now prefer them a lot more than in MP 1 and 2.

  2. September 2, 2007 1:46 am

    Damn you. No more spoilers please.

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