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Nintendo likes to tease

August 27, 2007


Metroid Dread was rumored to be a 2D side scrolling action adventure game hearkening back to the series’ roots, to be released on the DS.  But after announcing it two years ago as a title in development, nary a word has been heard and people simply assumed the title was canceled.  However, a screenshot from MP3 reveals some tantalizingly vague flavor text that may or may not hint at Dread’s status.   With everyone all amped about the release of Prime 3, this might be a good time for Nintendo to unleash a surprise Metroid game to feed the fire once it’s died down a bit, and placate (to a very minor extent) the angry Nintendo fanboys that have yet to be swayed by their magical mushroom infused spin doctors.

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  1. August 29, 2007 2:11 pm

    Purists like to say that Prime 3 didn’t need multi cause Metroid’s never been about that. However, the whole 3D aspect of Prime games opens that mutlplayer door up to the series regardless of what their excuses say. In 2D it’s damn near impossible, and for some reason it’s more solitary (maybe because they’ve been on handhelds lately and you play em on that cramped little screen). And with Corruption, they added voice dialogue and NPC interaction. But still, somehow, multiplayer doesn’t fit because you’re alone in the universe and you never see anyone, otherwise it ruins the whole series. Yet you do. Very fitting.

    Point is, I don’t know if i’d buy this as readily as i would have a year ago, but 2D Metroid trumps 3D Metroid any day of the week. The first two Primes were good technical achievements, but hard to stay interested in. They were chores to finish. The one time i could truly say i had fun in those two was the ending of the first. Fusion and Zero Mission were fun from start to end and never made you desire a multiplayer mode. Not to say that it couldn’t pull it off, but typically the 2D games have been better adventures than the GameCube entries.

  2. August 29, 2007 3:08 pm

    Don’t miss out on Corruption, Rollin! If you were going to buy just one Wii game this year, make it MP3! It is worth it just to experience the new controls…

    I never got too much into the two previous Metroid Prime games on GC, and it was mostly because of the lack of online multiplayer and the weird control scheme that I always forgot any time I tried to pick it up again. MP3’s control scheme, in contrast, doesn’t even need instructions. It makes a HUGE difference.

    And while I will enjoy the single player experience for a while, I can see how it would be an absolute blast to have a multiplayre FPS with these controls… I hope some geek out there devices a hack to adapt the Wii controller into the PC version of any of the Halo games!

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