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Graphics don’t matter! (to Wii developers, anyway)

August 23, 2007

should be a DS game

Since it was announced, Cruis’n’s new Wii game has perked up its fair share nostalgic ears. Which i don’t possess because i didn’t really delve deep into the N64 side of the 90s. That’s not to say i wasn’t aware of it and didn’t dump a couple quarters at a theater here and there to dabble in all the fuss, but i was certainly not in its circle of friends. But like i said, people have been watching. Some more psychotically excited than others.

So it sucks for them that all their anticipation has been met with a Midway assfart. Look at that screenshot and let me give you a piece of my mind real quick. Developers really do listen to what you say, people. They skim through the blogs and consult with the peanut galleries of IGN, 1UP and so on. So when you make dumbfuck statements like “graphics don’t matter” or “it’s all about the gameplay”, a developmentally challenged company like Midway, who are still riding the long-ceased wave of NBA Jam: Tournament Edition, is bound to take your word for it. And from the looks of it, they aren’t the only dev slacking on pushing Wii to the bar, much less over it.

These days, we’re lucky if we get software on par with GameCube games rather than DS. Moral of the story is, if you want developers to not slack, don’t give them persmission to. Learn that.

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  1. August 23, 2007 3:32 pm

    I absolutely agree: just take a look at last year’s line up of games for the PS2, for Mario’s sake! That system’s hardware configuration doesn’t hold a candle to the GameCube, let alone the Wii, and yet PS2’s third-party developers keep bringing beautiful-looking games to its library. Odin Sphere, Shadow of the Colossus, both God of War titles, Persona 3… all titles can compete with current-gen console titles because of the way the developers used the lower specs in a creative way to their advantage. How do they do it?? Why don’t Wii developers do it??

    Sadly, because we told them they didn’t need to!

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