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2K doing me favors/screwing with me

August 23, 2007

We all have been in love with Wii Tennis at some point in our Wii careers. But for a complete tennis nut like myself, the prospect of playing tennis games in this generation is a jillion times more exciting. Knowing this, and knowing my Wii gets next to no love, 2K wants to put my Wii to use with what i want most: motion-controlled tennis. Indeed i do.

It started with Rockstar’s Table Tennis, which, last i’ve seen, does not look that bad. However! 2K, being big fans of intendo, know about me giving the cold shoulder to the sequel of my favorite Xbox game, Top Spin 2, when i decided to buy a Top Spin-lacking PS3 rather than a 360 a couple months ago, effectively ditching their super-sim for the arcadey Virtua Tennis. I tried to hop back into it with the PS2 Top Spin port, but it’s been discontinued. They let me down. Then, a few days ago, they read through the visitor stats on Kotaku and saw there was a page view from my IP address on a story which listed Top Spin 3 for 360 and PS3. I was giddy and they knew it.

Thing is, due to some signed-in-blood pact with Reggimite, 2K are really trying to put Wii on the map for the serious gamers. Rather than letting me have my traditional Top Spin with all the pizazz afforded to it by a PS3, they want me to consider their new motion controlled version that drops in the Spring. But fuck me… why you gotta make shit difficult, 2K? Ok ok, i got it. My purchase will depend on not which version has online or who does it better, but rather if the PS3 version — which comes out this fall, mind you — has online at all. Using the remote/chuk config to play tennis fascinates me, i just don’t wanna buy the same title twice. Both of which, by the way, will be developed by the same guys who’ve always been making the series, PAM.

Damn multi-plat ownership. I try to stick to two types of games and they still manage complicate my life. Damn it.

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  1. August 23, 2007 6:03 pm

    The thing that scares me about the Wii version: won’t we get choked by the nunchuck cord while trying to swing the remote? Or at least we probably will break the cord when trying to hit those almost-out-of-the-court balls!

    We need a cordless nunchuck, I say!

  2. Bill permalink
    August 23, 2007 6:16 pm

    Nahhh, even though it’s tennis, we’ll all sit on the couch and swing with little limp wristed movements as usual!

  3. August 23, 2007 7:02 pm

    But will it be better than button pressing? Hmm… my dilemma.

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