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Harry Potter 5 on Wii: The Mudblood Version

July 12, 2007

The voices in my head. They have a Q&A.So are you a fan of Harry Potter?

Read all the books 3 times or more and pre-order the last one!!!

Is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a good game?

If you are a fan of the books and movies it’s great…unless.


Unless you didn’t buy a 360 or PS3.

What about Wii.




I wont say which is Wii and which is 360/PS3.


So when Wii was announced it was supposed to change gaming. It has done some great things to gaming as long as you totally don’t give a crap about “traditional” gaming thus far.

Playing Harry Potter with a Wiimote should be awesome right? I will guarantee you would rather mash buttons by the end of your 5 day rental period than wave, no wait wiggle your Wiimote.

Before I go into the flawed controls and sloth speed frame rates, I will cover some good stuff.

EA approached this game differently than most companies. When Activision was creating Spidy 3, they made it for the real next gen consoles, 360 and PS3. They gave the license to some smaller company to make a PS2/Wii port. It was the worst game I ever attempted to play.

EA on the other hand found a middle ground. They basically made the exact same game for PS3. 360, and Wii. The textures and model detail dropped some for Wii of course but overall it is the same game, and the PS60 version looked tame next to most HD games. The only difference is the Wii one is barley playable. Dangit.. think positive.

Ok. This game has a lot of charm to it as a fan. They reference to the books and previous movies a lot and the voice acting is pretty decent. Most of the voice acting is done by the real actors too. Rupert Grint is the show stealer in OotP having even more lines than Harry! Dan did not voice Harry but some how we survived.

Hogwarts is HUGE! It is the movies Hogwarts and It is pretty freaking big and very detailed. On Wii some of the levels felt oddly empty, like something was there but was taken out. Empty cages were animals should be is a dead giveaway. The animations are pretty decent and there are moments when you get caught up in the game play, well as much as the controller will let you anyway.

If you watched the E3 trailer for MGS4 you will note how well the story flowed. In OotP however, the cut scenes have been edited by a retarded monkey. Audio cuts in and out, you go from one part of London to another and then to Hogwarts in a matter of…5 seconds. Insane! The orchestrated music sounds great in 5.1 Dolby but often is much, MUCH louder than dialogue. Subtitles are a must.

The castle has so much crap for you to clean its ridiculous. Hell, they gave Dobbie’s lines to Neville, make him clean the shit up.

You can go around and fix stuff, move things into place, and make bells chime. Pretty cool except for the controls.

Ok, I am going to get on with it now.


So the object is in front of me. I need to lift the controller up to do the spell. I lift. Oops I moved the camera. Ok I selected it again. Oops I moved the camera…iI wish there was a lock-on or something. I spent 10 minutes trying to do the damn spell. Ok maybe more like 2 but still! I need to move a painting. The C button wont let the camera turn because the hallway is too narrow. I can’t see anything but Ron telling me to go to Snapes office. I really need than second analog stick because this N64 shit is getting old.

You hold Z to run. Sometimes for no reason, though you never let go of Z, you start walking. You check our batteries. Brand Fucking New. You play some more. Running, running, running, stop….walking so slow you want to hang yourself…change the batteries anyway.

Ok I need to go to the main hallway, that means I have to go by the hallway with all of the windows. Fuck it, I will go around because if I go down that hallway, I will lag so bad I could run around faster. Several parts of the castle are like this. Is this a demo? No, it’s a weak ass processor with weak ass RAM.

Another problem is either the code or the systems fault. I’ll blame the system. When you have to go somewhere you use the Marauders Map to pick a place or person. Little black footsteps lead the way. If you hit a corner and you make the Wii think too hard about which is the fastest route, you get a little lag, and no footsteps. It takes a second. It’s like using Windows Quick Search when it was made for Mac’s Spotlight.

Last part to this never ending post. Programming Wii Controls.

A while back a video surfaced on “How to program Wii Controls.”

Basically the jist of it was you can assign a number of movements for one particular action to react to.

In Wii sports, they programmed the Wiimote to know your doing overhead shot if you lift the Wiimote over your head. The programmers also keyed in that if you move the Wiimote just a little bit in a similar motion it will do the same thing. Harry Potter wants you to move your shit just a little.

Maybe it’s just me. I watch Harry lift his wand high and thrust it forward. I want to do the same. If I do, not a damn thing happens. Malfoy kicks your ass actually, that’s what happens. I barley lift and move forward and Harry gets to it. Pushing a button is more rewarding.

Also there are only like 5 to 10 different moves. Each move is assigned to both objects and people. So if I wiggle, (not move but wiggle) my wiimote left and right, I will either disarm my opponent, or light a torch. In a battle you have to remember this crap. Nothing is lamer than beating the crap out of someone, they go around a bench and you instead of blowing them way, you lift up the bench into the air and then get laid out trying to figure out why you swished in flicked when you flicked and thruster.

All games should have a classic controller option; this would have saved this game.

Play this if you like Harry Potter a lot, play it on 360 or PS3 if you like your sanity.


6 Comments leave one →
  1. Bill permalink
    July 12, 2007 7:08 pm

    Nice write up. I hope you didn’t actually purchase the game? Nothing worse than weak wiimote implementation! Are first party titles going to be the only ones able to pull it off well?

  2. July 12, 2007 8:01 pm

    Rented it!

  3. Claire permalink
    October 16, 2007 4:28 pm

    My friend has the game and likes it but she gets frustrated, when she is in the Marauders map she can’t exit to continue to play the game. What can she do?

  4. Anonymous permalink
    October 16, 2007 4:43 pm

    That happened to me once at the very VERY beginning. She has to reset the game and give up all unsaved data. Sorry C.


  5. October 16, 2007 4:44 pm

    Sorry, let me log in.


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