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Introducing… Warcadia

July 11, 2007

I know, some of you knew Warcadia as a blogspot blog of complete randomness that failed to go anywhere, but hear me out. This… this is what Warcadia should have always been.

The new Warcadia is a complement — not supplement — to Intendo. Intendo being a Nintendo site, we’ve decided that MS and Sony need their own habitat for discussion, and this is not the place. Hence, Warcadia was reborn as a next-gen dual console blog for the big boys. Just like the Big 3 are segmented in the gaming market, we’re piling Sony and Microsoft together in one place and Nintendo in another. Basically it’s us talking about all the Sony/MS stuff you’re used to seeing here, except with relevance and more in-depth. We might need some additional help, too, so if you know anyone who’d like to write about games, send them our way.

Sister site Warcadia is already linked to in the sidebar, so check it out and bookmark where appropriate. We’ll be kicking the blog off officially by liveblogging Sony’s E3 keynote that should begin in a few minutes.

This is now a two-pronged blogging experience. Employ and enjoy.

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