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George Harrison thinks Sony needs HELP!

July 10, 2007

Couldn’t think of a better headline than a Beatles reference, but what’s done is done.

Nintendo’s marketing man with a penchant for spin and having a name apt for confusion, George Harrison, has come out of his board room hole to spit some of that negativity bile on Sony’s good fortune.

A $100 price drop won’t make a difference. Can Sony afford a $200 price drop? I don’t think so.

Gee, jealous much? Nah, i get where you’re coming from, Georgie. Next to Beth Llewelyn, you’re Nintendo’s most irrelevant figurehead. Therefore, you get bitter when the other consoles do well. Nintendo might as well have a patent on success as well, in your opinion.

I love it when they’re petty.

In fairness, the man has a point buried in his snide little tone: How many people will actually jump into PS3-land with a $500 border in their way? 2,800% more than before, seems like.


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