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First WiiWare game spotted, looks dubious

July 8, 2007


Wii-UK got the tip that an Austrian company is developing what could be the first Wiiware title called Plaat Chen.  In the developer Bplus’ own words:

The start is made with the innovative puzzle shooter game “PLATTCHEN – twist ’n’ paint“ which has been designed specifically for Wii and its innovative new controller. Supported by the test team of the Austria-exclusive GameClub, which only consists of Nintendo enthusiasts, Bplus creates an easily accessible and exciting game experience that will easily attract hardcore Nintendo fans as well as relatively unexperienced players.

Can you say Babelfish?  A cursory glance  at Bplus’ (seriously, why would you all yourself Bplus?) website doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence.  My friend and I have a theory that the way a company’s website looks tells you a lot about the company itself, ie if their website looks like it was hacked together by amateurs, it doesn’t really speak well of the company.  Bplus’ website looks like it was hacked together by children in a sweatshop in the Philippines.  Truth.  Still, one should not just a company by the way its website looks, so I clicked on their list of projects, which is denoted by a picture of a rose in bloom, curiously enough.

software projects for Wii


titlegenrerelease datestatus

PLÄTTCHEN – twist ‘n’ paintPuzzle-ShooterTBAin development

software projects for Nintendo DS


titlegenrerelease datestatus

to be announced


other projects


project nameproject typestatus

GameClubgame testingstarted

GameClub.atonline Nintendo magazinelooking for partners

GameClub-TVonline streaming televisionlooking for partners

Suffice it to say that this does not augur well for the service, which I already had my doubts about in the first place.

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  1. July 15, 2007 7:38 pm

    “puzzle-shooter”? wtf?


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