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Land of the 3

June 29, 2007

For long now, i’ve been a Sony sympathizer — meaning i’ve come to the aid of the console when the beraters start berating. There are few things i hate more than when people pick on one system because they got the other, and it’s placed my editorial credibility as an objectively for-Nintendo gaming writer under a microscope more than once. Needless to say, that’s partly the inspiration behind my establishing this blog.

Last week, i bought a PlayStation 3.

Blasphemy. Nintendo fans just don’t do that. Well, here we all know that acute console preference is hazardous to a person’s enjoyment of the medium. And as writers, we need to have a broad perspective of everything to comment on anything. However, my purchase of a PS3 was not a result of my empathetic nurse-patient relationship with Sony. In a way, it’s actually Wii’s fault.

As i talked myself into buying another version of the GameCube’s most respected game, i had to travel to a few stores in the process of finding a copy that wasn’t claimed by a reservation. Eventually i landed at Best Buy on my second attempt. While there, i walked past the “next-gen test drive” area, where they had 2 HDTVs side by side, 2 couches to each set-up, a 360 on the left side and a PS3 on the right. I only discovered that the left TV was playing a 360 when i went back to buy the PS3, because this time my attention was fixed on the PS3’s Virtua Tennis 3 match between these two guys.

One clearly knew how to play, the other didn’t. Soon as the clueless one left, i grabbed the Sixaxis with a boatload of confidence granted by all my knowledge of tennis and the countless hours i spent on Top Spin for the Xbox. And thankfully, this edition of VT used the same face button layout as Top Spin. I’m ready to roll.

My opponent wasn’t expecting me to play so well, and neither was i since this was my first go with the game, but i came out gunnin’. He had Nadal on clay so he obviously knew a little something about the sport, therefore i picked Federer. As soon as i saw how familiar the button config was, i had him lobbing and diving all over the place. However, VT and Top Spin are two different beasts: Top Spin is a full-on simulation, VT is an arcade game (Sega releases each new version initially on arcade cabinets). Top Spin experience didn’t get me too far once he stepped his game up and straight setted me in two very close matches, but my PlayStation killer app made itself known on that playtest.

Since i didn’t have the cash on me to buy it right away, i decided to get RE4Wii for the machine i already had and curb the grueling temptation to sink 700 bucks into another unnecessary electronic device. Then, it turned out i needed ID to buy RE if i appeared to be under 30 years of age, another thing i lacked at the time, so i took that as a sign. I did end up getting RE Wii later on, but it did nothing to impede my inevitable entrance into the real next generation.

I’m satisfied with the machine, it’s very capable and grants me access to half the games out there that Wii forbids. The best of both worlds. No buyer’s remorse yet, but that Wii… Let’s just wait it out. They both have a long way to go. Pros and cons of my PS3 experience so far, in comparison to Wii, coming up next.

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  1. June 29, 2007 6:03 pm

    Great story. I too jumped into the HiDef gaming scene last week with the purchase of my very own PS3. It does feel great to have access to not only Wii games but PS3 games as well. So far the PS3 has not disappointed me. Visually it’s quite impressive on my 40″ LCD and I’ve had a hayday just downloading and playing demos. Unfortunately I have already burned 30 gigs of my drive with games and previews. Anyway, I’m enjoying it quite a bit so far. Hope you do as well.

  2. June 29, 2007 7:52 pm

    Right. someone needs to get an Xbox 360 and we’re golden. How’s it working out on SD? Or do you already have an HD setup?

  3. June 29, 2007 8:09 pm

    Thanks Gil. Do we count as early adopters, by the way? 🙂 Keep in touch so we can discuss our dual next-gen ownership.

    I have a 26″ CRT. It works great, but some of the text in VT3 is just a pain to read. Although i might get a new flat-screen soon that supports component cables, which might make a big diff. So i hope.

    To my knowledge, Bill has a 360, so we are, officially, golden. Frisby says he’s working on it, but i dunno. Do you have a Wii yet? If so, you haven’t mentioned it.

  4. frisby permalink
    June 30, 2007 12:27 am

    Funny thing is. I went to walmart and was fully ready to by a 360… but then I realised, its a effin 360.

    You see I have an Xbox and it feels like a hassle to play. It’s not my kind of thing. I mean, I want a 360 for Live and HD, but not bad enough to deal with MS more than I have to.

    The fact that every freakin apple and Nintendo device I have bought in the last 2 years has WiFI and a freakin’ Elite cant even deliver?

    I TOTALLY see where Rollin is coming from. PS’s in general have a welcoming feel. Nintendo has always been comfortable. But Xbox and the 360 just don’t feel right. I play my Doom and my Burn Out 4 and my Half Life…but I just don’t feel comfy saying, I’m playing my Xbox.

    I just want Wii to get WiFi up and going again.

  5. Bill permalink
    June 30, 2007 12:28 am

    Good on you for making the jump! Yup your right, I am a Wii60 guy. Now we can fight it out to the death Rollin! (Cue original Star Trek fight song).
    I had always been a PC Gamer for a LONG time, but the expense of the PC upgrades have been losing their appeal. But I will still play on my PC a lot. So when I got the 360 I was really surprised just how much I liked it. Now I can’t stop playing, and chasing that gamer score, and playing with my friends on Live.

    I can’t imagine anyone who would be happy owning only a Wii. It’s defiantly a second console for anyone who is a gamer, not the main one.

  6. June 30, 2007 1:49 am

    Wow, what a response! Yea guys, i’m lovin’ the new gen. Needs more games, though.

    It surprises me most that Frisby said something positive about Sony, but he’s dead-on. The reason i didn’t get a 360 for less, with more games and an online enabled VT3 (aside from failure rates and pay-to-play online), is because the 360 just feels dead to me. Not like dead in the war, but dead as far as having a connection to the thing. I liked the original Xbox somewhat, but 360 feels like a meteorite: alien, but uninteresting. I don’t like the controller at all, which is the biggest issue, but the hardware itself also lacks personality. From my experience, it’s not nearly as charming as the other two.

    I see the PS3 and 360 as almost equal in regards to a genuinely fun spectacle of a gaming experience, but i’d rather get mine on a PS3. I think it has way more potential. I’ll claw your eyes out, Bill.

  7. frisby permalink
    June 30, 2007 2:08 am

    Damn Rollin. I could not put down in words how I feel about the 360, but you nailed it.

  8. June 30, 2007 8:49 am

    I have no Wii, but I may get my grubby hands on my friend’s PSP, so we’re covered on the handheld side.

    I can’t bring myself to buy another console until i at least work my way through all the PS2 and GC games I need to catch up on.

  9. July 1, 2007 1:31 pm

    It seems that the battle is more between the 360 and the PS3. The Wii is a completely different animal overall. It looks like down the read, the game selection between the 360 & PS3 will be pretty much identical.

    Rollin says it well when he says “I see the PS3 and 360 as almost equal in regards to a genuinely fun spectacle of a gaming experience, but i’d rather get mine on a PS3. I think it has way more potential.” So true.

    I actually have a 360 on loan from a friend and as of now, the only reason that I want a 360 is for Gears of War and Halo 3. Can’t get either one on the PS3… Unless someone manages to emulate a 360 on a PS3???

  10. July 2, 2007 1:05 am

    I think maybe Bioshock will be another reason. Most likely it’ll come down to which company’s exclusive are more important to you.

  11. July 2, 2007 2:35 am

    I thought that was going to PS3 as well. I sorta remember it saying so in the Game Informer scoop from last year, maybe i’m wrong.

    Microsoft is buying too many exclusives, man. Lemme get some.

  12. Ruben permalink
    July 2, 2007 12:45 pm

    I owned all three consoles last generation and I fully intend to own all three this time around as well. Most of the games I loved from the previous gen were on the Playstation. I don’t expect this to happen again. I think the great games will be evenly spread across all three consoles. The PS3 is losing exclusives while the 360 is gaining them. The Wii is getting more 3rd party support than any Nintendo (HOME) console since SNES. As long as the Wii matures over the next year or two (and I believe it will), missing out on even one console will mean missing out on a lot!

  13. July 2, 2007 1:02 pm

    Was this PS surrender week?? Coincidentally (or maybe not, it might have to do with the current Wii game line up), I finally got my PS2 (slim version) this weekend!

    I got it from a pawn shop close to my house, and it only cost me $90 AFTER tax! So, I’m officially now liberated from console-specific gaming, at least for the “last-gen”.

    What made me do it? The games I’m currenlty interested on happen to be all on different consoles! RE4: Wii Edition, Odin Sphere, Etrian Odyssey, and Halo 2 is all I’m playing right now…

    When Halo 3 comes out, I’ll be running to Best Buy to get my 360!


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