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World Hobby Fair Underway in Tokyo

June 24, 2007

If not for Sony’s presence at the event, it would seem that the “Next Generation World Hobby Fair 2007” was a huge advertisement set up by Nintendo. But seeing as this is an event aimed at elementary school kids, it only makes sense that Nintendo has a big presence there.

Lots of big publishers in Japan were showing off their games, and letting people get some hands on time. Nintendo had kids playing Mario Party 8 and Donkey Kong Blast for the Wii. And for the DS, they got to check out Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (which just so happened to go on sale the same day of the show), as well as a DS version of Chibi Robo. Also there was Slide Adventure Magkid, which had an attachment that goes into the GBA slot of the DS, and then uses an eye like on a mouse to let you slide the DS around and move the character in the game.

No big announcements, but lots of Pokemon stuff, and other card battle games hoping for a bit of the action!

Source : DENGEKI

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  1. frisby permalink
    June 24, 2007 3:20 pm

    Sony’s saving their money for e3. God knows they are running low on budget for the computer entertainment devision.


  1. World Hobby Fair Underway in Tokyo : World News

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