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Wii salutes those about to Rock [Band]? Let’s hope.

June 19, 2007

This is not a rumor headline, but a question. Is Guitar Hero creator Harmonix bringing their new rockstar simulator Rock Band to Wii? Answer: they damn well should.

We know the Guitar Hero franchise — which now belongs to Activision — will hit the DS and Wii not too long from now. But Rock Band seems like a much more enticing endeavor: the game plans to ship with drum pads (that you can beat with real drumsticks), a microphone (with a phoneme detector to tell whether you’re in pitch or not), a bass guitar controller, and this sweet ass Fender Strat that’s a few cuts above the old Gibson SG and Xplorer models from Guitar Hero 2.

Harmonix is showing off their incredible looking new Fender guitar controller, which looks even better than my recently bought American Strat of the same color (rosewood neck, though). Color me jealous. It features the expected 5 buttons at the top, along with 5 extra buttons at the bottom of the neck for when you wanna get all Woodstock-era Santana on fools. The buttons now take up the entire fret, and the colors show up at the topside of the neck like fret indicators so you can see what you’re doing without twisting your guitar around and messing up your Van Halen solo. It’s more realistic, less gamey, and probably a million times more fun.

Guitar Hero is about due for a quality plummet with the developer switch, so i really hope this comes to Wii. If not, i’ll look into the PS2 version, but hell, if Guitar Hero’s getting the Wii treatment why not this? The other question is, how can they cram every instrument’s music notation onscreen? My mind reels at the thought.


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  1. frisby permalink
    June 20, 2007 7:51 am

    Bass Guitar Hero…also known as Frisby.

  2. Bill permalink
    June 21, 2007 7:44 am

    I still haven’t even tried Guitar Hero, though I have been dying too. Just so expensive from Play for the region free version on the 360. Is it worth is? Should I wait for Rock Band instead? Or just go for Guitar Hero III on Wii?

  3. June 21, 2007 3:13 pm

    I’d say pick the ones whose songs you like best. GH2 has a handful of good songs for me, but never enough to purchase. Unless you really like metal and hair metal. You can wait for whichever comes first, but i do know that GH3 is 80’s themed. Dunno if you want all that Skid Row. If i were to get one, i’d wait for Rock Band mainly cause of this guitar, but also because it has the other instruments and probably a better song selection.

    Rock Band will be the next level of guitar games, let’s just say that.

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