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7 reasons to (hate Wii) read intendo

June 17, 2007

When not thinking up creative website names, tech site completely ignores the net’s dopest gripe site, intendo, and tries to “originate” by offering up some “controversial”, “new” reasons why Wii isn’t all that and a bag of remote batteries.

1. The graphics – Didn’t take long for this list to get pathetically redundant, did it?
2. The games – Y’know, i’m terribly content with re-playing GameCube games on my $250 new-gen system. It don’t make me a bad person.

3. Rechargeable Wiimote – Not even gonna bother.

4. More innovative peripherals – Here, they ask for all kinds of new stuff like motion-sensing helmets, foot sensors, and gloves. Little greedy, there.

5. More storage – It’ll happen eventually.

6. Network play – Let’s not go there…

7. Nunchuck – The ‘chuk is wired — who knew? Get over it. It’ll be severed in time, just wait.

Where’ve you been,

I suppose you should read the article if you need to be refreshed on some Wii problems or have shit-all to do at the moment, but the article really is horribly trite. You’ve heard it all before, if not here then elsewhere. Stick to us, folks. We’re on top of these things.

Skim through their 10 reasons to love the PS3 instead. Talk about difficult.

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  1. June 17, 2007 5:03 pm

    As long as Wii’s upgrade that is bound to happen does more than the lackluster 360 Elite, maybe we can shorten that list a little.

    Strikers Charged and Smash Brothers Brawl should knock the network play off the list…we hope anyway.

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