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Mario Fiesta Ocho: First Impressions

June 16, 2007


My wife is a fan of party games and Mario Party 7 is one of her favorite games to bust out on the Game Cube. Mario Party 7 had a mic to change up the gameplay and this time around the Wii controller is the main attraction and it does it’s job.

In fact, this game (so far) has the most responsive controls of any Wii game I have played to date. In fact I would say Hudson worked really hard on making the games controls perfect, and forgot to be creative with the mini-games and graphics.

The animations for the models are great, but lack anything overly impressive. The models seem bland compared to the Game Cubes last Mario shindig. The dreaded “Blur Graphics Band-aid” is in full effect in this game and is great at making the game look like ass. The models are all blurred due to this and the crisp textures get lost. The game looks better thank it actually looks…if that makes any damn sense.

We only ran trough a 15 turn board game so we didn’t get so in dept enough for me to bitch 5 more paragraphs. The mini games are no where near as fun or full of variety compared to Wario Ware. In fact the games are so easy I thought about strapping the controller to my dog’s tail to see if she could win a match or two.

You only get to use 3 different control schemes also. I prefer the focus on the 3 control schemes apposed to the un focused 30 control schemes of Wario Ware SM.

So far I am unimpressed but amused enough to keep playing as long as my wife is down. I would love to bust out a 4 player match sometime soon and make the $50 sting wear off.

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  1. Ruben permalink
    June 17, 2007 1:59 am

    Oh snap! Intendo Meet at Frisby’s house!

  2. frisby permalink
    June 17, 2007 3:44 am

    Yah just missed it. If it was online, then we could play anytime.

  3. June 18, 2007 11:12 am

    Is it true Nintendo didn’t include a widescreen option in this game?? That would be sooo lame…

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