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This time, STAY DOWN!!!

May 27, 2007

I was flipping burgers. I worked at a dirty restaurant known as Mr. Burger. This guy Nick, he drops fries. He’s talking about his Xbox. I mention how much I wish I had a Game Cube. He tells me he will sell me his old one. I ask if 50 bucks will do. I come home to my soon to be wife and in the trunk of the car is… a black Game Cube. I had no games and rental stores scoff at you if you ask whats up with the lame Game Cube selection. I walk into GameStop and spot a game. Metroid Prime. $10 used….








Let me take you back further. I am 11 years old. On a road trip we end up at my uncle’s house in Arizona. It is the middle of the desert. I am totally bored and the next door neighbor asks me if I want to play some Nintendo. He is about my age and much better off than my poor family from the hood so I go in. He says just pick a game to play. I pop in the only game I had never seen before…Metroid

I have to leave after a few minutes. He tells me I can borrow the cartridge and just send it back to him. He gave me no address and my uncle moved away later that year.

12 years later


So back home in trailer that I had to call home (man college life sucked), I pop in Metroid Prime. I am amazed at how small the disks are. I pop it in and holy crap The menu is cooler than any game I have played on the PS2. The last only Metroid game I had ever played was on NES and I played that sonuvabitch to death. To the death of Mother Brain anyway.


This game had the most amazing and different experience I had to pleasure to play. A freaking sequel to as far as I knew a NES game. The detail, graphics…just everything. I almost lost it the first time steam went across my visor, or the first time I went into ball mode. What crazy awesome physics for the m

orph ball. I was freaking out. Before I knew it I was in a boss battle with the Parasite Queen, and I felt like an old pro using a controller I never held until a hour earlier. This was Ocarina of Time all over again for me.


Damn near 30 game hours later I was fighting a huge ass Metroid know as Prime. What a boss battle. I thought it would never end. I finally kicked its ass and it sucked my suit off before it disappeared. I had beaten Metroid Prime. Damn. I had only completed 67% of the game but what did I care. I felt so good about that victory. Samus removed her Helmet looking down on Tallon 4, the home I had grown to love. Retro Studios made me the gamer I am today.


Tonight however…


Tonight I am going to beat Metroid Prime 2 Echos, and there is nothing anyone can say to stop me. I have every single item scanned. I have every single weapon upgrade. I have everything and nothing but a whole lot of time. I am at the Sky Temple about to walk into the Mini Boss battle. Fully stocked on ammo and ready to blow some bitches away.


Tonight I get to show that bitch ass Metroid what it gets for jacking my Phazon Suit oh so many years ago. I’m going to place that Metroid’s jacked up helmet next to Mother Brain’s glass shell and Ridleys skull.



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  1. flamingsquirrel permalink
    May 27, 2007 8:19 pm

    I hate metroid prime 2, the begging looks really cool, but I just can’t get into it after that, after you get the first temple key, it just got boring for me. I’m hoping prime 3 will be better

  2. May 28, 2007 5:52 am

    Hope it goes well!
    I only played up to the second level of Prime because my friend wanted it back 😦

  3. joe permalink
    October 19, 2007 1:05 pm

    i completed metroid prime on 67 % also its a tuff pom but i found the phazon pirate kinda hrdr

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