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Wii experience may change during biased play

February 23, 2007

Emphasis on the “may“.

The headline above could refer to any person in the industry, but specifically this time i’m talking about God of War 2 dev Cory Barlog.

Grain your Brain

During a dinner with his GoW2 design team, Cory’s teammates gave him a surprise present in the form of a Wii console. He called it “pretty damn sweet” and a moving sentiment. Then he said:

Here are some pics of the sweet wii…though I must be honest it was not everything I had hoped it would be. It was fun…but the wow factor wore off fairly quick. The one game I wanted to play, Trauma Center, was definitely a bit of a let down. The wiimote was woefully inaccurate and sapped the fun of the game. The Wii sports golf and bowling was cool…the boxing is freaking terrible though. In the end I hope to see some cool games come out of it, though it has me worried that the whole “what new thing can you do with the controller” fad will wear off after awhile and I will have left is a much slimmer wireless gamecube. Though the gamecube gave me some great gaming moments so I am not all that bummed. I am still happier playing Zelda on my Gamecube…maybe I am just a luddite like that. Who knows?

I don’t think his working at Sony directed his feelings on the console, controller, or Trauma Center, but you never know with these things. It’s at least interesting that we get to hear of a guy working on a high profile game from one company playtesting a competitor’s product. It means that even the important folk in a company don’t succumb to unilateralism in gameplay choices.

There be humans in them there meatbags.

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  1. February 23, 2007 2:12 pm

    Isn’t Trauma Center’s gameplay more tuned to the DS, where you actually have a pin-pointed object touching something? I haven’t played either version of TC, but it seems to me that the feeling of a surface giving you resistance, as in a scalpel against skin, or a stylus against a screen, is essential to get into a game like that…

    Has anyone tried both versions of Trauma?

  2. February 23, 2007 5:34 pm

    Well he also played Wii Sports, so it’s not all Trauma’s fault. The remote left a bad impression on him.

    I’ve only played the DS version of TC. The game is so hard that is soon devolves into slipping and sliding the stylus across the screen really quick. Which is why i stopped playing it.

    This dude makes me wanna give the GoW series a second chance, although i finished the first.

  3. Francisco Ruben Arce permalink
    February 26, 2007 9:00 pm

    I completely disagree with this guy about Trauma Center. I’ve played and loved both versions of Trauma Center. The DS version of Trauma center was fun but had collision detection issues. It also had a bad case of what I like to call “Parappa Syndrome.”

    Remember how in Parappa, someone could pick up the controller and mash the buttons randomly and be rewarded with a “COOL?”
    Trauma Center DS had the same problem.

    The Trauma Center “WiiMake” has corrected the “Parappa” issue and more.
    I could not ask for a more precise control scheme for this game.
    Trauma Center is easily my favorite game on the Wii (Due in no small part to it’s excellent controls).
    Just play the Bomb Diffusing stage and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    I’m actually really disappointed with the Wii overall but TC gives me hope. TC makes me feel that (by using the Wii control scheme) I have the maximum possible control over what I’m doing.

    If a game would be better played on a gamepad, it has no place on the Wii.

  4. frisby permalink
    February 27, 2007 2:54 am

    i dunno, sometimes i would just randomly scribble with the stitches and get “cool”

  5. Francisco Ruben Arce permalink
    February 28, 2007 2:02 pm

    On the Wii Version?

  6. frisby permalink
    February 28, 2007 3:52 pm


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