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PSPlite on the way?

January 18, 2007


This site supposedly has leaked information about a new and improved PSP codenamed “cobalt” which features:

– All Metal & Ruggedized Rubber Build
– 200% Brighter Screen
– Dual Analog Controllers
– Visual Battery Display
– 8GB Flash Drive
– Wifi (a,b,g)
– Bluetooth V.2 (A2DP, AVRCP)
– Firmware 4.07

The people at engadget mention UMD support, but it doesn’t seem to mention anything like that.  I’m attached to my DS Lite, but I must confess that if Sony dropped the price on a PSP I might consider buying one purely for the fact that I’d be carrying PS2 graphics on the go.  Also, I’m not a huge fighting game fan, but that’s definitely something that’s lacking on the DS, and something that really struck me while playing Tekken on the PSP.

What about you guys?  What would make you even consider buying a PSP, aside from a massive price drop and the eternal banishment of UMD to the Betamaz Hall of shame?

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  1. January 19, 2007 3:31 am

    Very nice wishful thinking! I’ve had a soft spot for PSP since Day 1, literally. Sony doesn’t know what to do with it, but i do.

    I’d make it have an assortment of trendy, unique games like Lumines, Exit, Every Extend Extra, flOw, Megaman Powered Up, etc. Complement PS2/3 games with spinoffs like Portable Ops, Daxter, handheld GoW, GT Mobile finally, etc. Throw some Japanesey into it with sprite-based RPGs, but flashy with loads of 2D/3D effects that fill the screen or go from side to side. Really take advantage of the hardware in creative ways, laying off the full 3D.

    I wanna see games make use of the GPS, even though people won’t buy much of them. Gizmondo had this one game called Colors (i think) that used the built in GPS to tell where you lived, and part of the area was marked off as territory for your gang. You’d have to try to take over when you go to another area and defend when someone came to you. Bloody brilliant concept, but the Giz never caught on, in case you didn’t know.

    I want the screen to be taken advantage of. There’s enough real estate there to allow lots of vertical, single system multiplayer. A puzzle game like Tetris DS’ push mode where you’re on the d-pad and your friend is on the shapes, shoving the blocks to the other side like a reverse tug of war. Ping pong or a tank game that requires advancement from one side to the other. Chess, checkers; a Geometry Wars-like shooting game like PS3’s Blast Factor, co-op or competitive.

    The last few are new, but i’ve had the majority of these ideas since PSP launched. Gimme that thing and i’d do wonders. Unlike the Betamazzz.

  2. January 19, 2007 3:59 am

    Betamaz. And I was so close to hitting that x. damn.

    I dunno about the colors idea. I mean, while playing GTA san andreas it annoyed the fuck out of me when i would go and take over a rival gang’s territory, and then a few minutes later they’d get it back, or hit one of my territories, forcing me to hightail it all the way across the hood.

    I think of myself doing that in real life and…actually I’d never do that in real life.

    Location based gameplay has always been intriguing though, I just don’t think that particular idea was any good.

  3. January 19, 2007 4:10 am

    Oh, i forgot to mention that you fight against another person with a copy of the game when they walk to your neck of the woods, not a CPU. Don’t know if that’s what turns you off, but i like it. Other stuff can definitely be accomplished, too, i’m sure. I’ll leave it to the devs.

    (Anyone wanna help me make a GBA game?)

  4. January 19, 2007 2:33 pm

    For me, it would be:

    1) Yes, make it cheaper! (Under $200, please…)
    2) Make it smaller & thinner;
    3) Make the screen touch-sensitive, so developers can adapt DS games more easily, or so that homebrew games can take advantage of that (c’mon, that can’t be too difficult these days!). No need for a second screen, all that the second screen in the DS can do can be achieved via a split-screen.

    Everything else that the PSP has right now is pretty much better than in the DS…

  5. January 19, 2007 6:24 pm

    They should carve their own path without copying the touch function.

    But it would be nice to write big sloppy messages across that screen with a normal sized stylus. Throw wifi on that sucker and you got online pictochat, with an on-screen keyboard that’s large enough to not make as many mistakes.

    Still don’t like the copycatting… but if they do it, do it right.

  6. January 19, 2007 7:06 pm

    Well, just the functionality, then, not the games! Touch-screen does add a lot to gameplay and user interface…

    The PSP already has wifi, right?

  7. January 19, 2007 7:26 pm

    Hey, that’s not what i meant! Just an idea of how pictochat could benefit from being on PSP.

    The big screen would bring a new element to touch games. Think Line Rider on that thing. An Advance Wars DS type of game (i know they had one already) with a much wider view of the much larger battlefield, and touch selection. I could go crazy on PSP as a dev.

  8. Dark-Magik permalink
    January 19, 2007 11:28 pm

    Being able to play FF7 and all the awesome RPGs from the PS1 on the PSP got me to buy it. 😀

  9. Linxdev permalink
    January 20, 2007 4:34 pm

    How do you do that? Emulation?

    I’ve got a PSP and have had it about a year. I bought maybe 10 games for it and a few movies. Unfortunately I’ve not played it in many months. About the only thing I’ve used it for outside of playing the games a little is watching movies on a plane.

  10. Sum0 permalink
    January 20, 2007 7:56 pm

    I find I don’t really have much time for handheld gaming – if I’m on the bus, I’d rather read a book – but I do have a DS and I play it every so often. Still, looking at the games line-up for the PSP… it’s a lot more impressive than the DS. The DS… just doesn’t have any… games. It’s more about showing off the gimmicks, which is a shame. To be honest, the PSP doesn’t need a touchscreen because it doesn’t add much to games (other than easier navigation and selection, etc.).

    Damn. I never thought I’d say this, but I quite like the look of the PSP now. The homebrew is a bonus.

  11. rashadlogic permalink
    January 20, 2007 8:10 pm

    > Being able to play FF7 and all the awesome RPGs from the PS1 on the PSP got me to buy it. 😀

    Best reason to get a psp.

  12. Linxdev permalink
    January 21, 2007 1:47 pm

    I think Home Brew is a good point to buy a PSP but not a legit one in regards to someone just being able to walk up and buy one then run home brew.

  13. frisby permalink
    January 21, 2007 3:24 pm

    I think of PSP and I think of games i would want to play at home on a console.

    I think of DS i think of portable games I would play anywhere.

    I think of GBA games and I seed that times 10.

    I mostly play GBA games on my ds while on the road.

  14. Linxdev permalink
    January 21, 2007 4:16 pm

    Funny, I just noticed the picture of the “new” PSP and noticed the thumb sticks are at the top. Why in the hell are they there? Would you not hit the other buttons during a heated boss battle?

    I do not want to start a bitch session but why does people want to change something that worked for so long? Take the first PSP. Why release it with
    only one analog adapter when for years the worlds has had 2? And with that crazy idea they pushed the graphics so that FPS’s could be played on a hand held but there are not 2 analog sticks. So dumb! I bought Katamari for the PSP and never got past level 1. For me, and maybe I’m stupid, I just could not get over the control scheme. I could not figure out how to use the buttons as a analogue to and analog stick. Seeing how there are 2 sticks in that image proves that if Sony did create that image that they have learned from the past mistake of only one analog stick. But please place them on the bottom like we are all used to. Having them up top will just get in everyone’s way.

  15. January 21, 2007 8:11 pm

    I beg to disagree. the buttons of the dualshock controller are at the bottom because that’s where your thumbs naturally fall because of the dualshock “grips”.

    When holding a PSP, it’s actually much more natural for the buttons to be placed on the top rather than at the bottom. Just hold it and see where your thumbs naturally fall into place, and I think it’s areound the same area as in the picture.

    Rollin: No what annoys me is the fact that I have to fucking run around with a PSP outside so’s I can defend my turf. I play basketball and soccer as outdoor sports, not “colors”.

  16. January 21, 2007 8:25 pm

    Heh, touche.

    Damn, what’s the climate over there? I can barely look out the window without my nose becoming an ice sculpture.

  17. January 21, 2007 10:02 pm

    chilly in the morning, an oven in the afternoon, and almost temperate at night.

  18. January 24, 2007 12:10 pm

    SW:Battlezone, Champ Manager or GTA are games that have nearly persuaded me to buy a PSP.
    But its all down to battery. For games like that I wouldnt get very far without the need to be closed to a plug socket.

    Why would I want a portable gaming device that has me lokoing around for there nearest wall socket?

  19. Linxdev permalink
    January 24, 2007 12:15 pm

    Is it that bad? I don’t remember it being that bad. I will say that having an indicator is good. Mine has died before a save in the past and if I knew that it was about to die then I could have saved my game.

  20. January 24, 2007 4:37 pm

    For me, it is the size and load times that are the deal-breaker. I need a system that can tag along hidden in my pants pocket, and one that I can play for three to five minutes at a time, stop, and continue a few hours later right where I left for another three minutes of playtime.

  21. Linxdev permalink
    January 24, 2007 4:49 pm

    Which means that save spots suck. You need to be able to save whenever and where ever. I have the same issue.

  22. January 24, 2007 5:11 pm

    The best course of action for a remodeled PSP in my eyes would be GB Micro-izing the screen. Keep the resolution, increase the dot pitch, remove about a third of the screen. It makes the system more portable. Then make the buttons just a teeny bit smaller and rounder, add a second analog nub, and make the unit smaller and flatter. Rubberize it for a sense of ruggedness and use less plastic, as well as adding all the things mentioned in the “Cobalt” concept that are cost effective.

    Sell this for $150-ish as the less flashy more rugged version of the PSP (maybe embracing kids) while still selling the original at $200 and you got a knockout combo. You get some games on this new thing and i’d buy it soon as the first new killer app hits it.

    For load times, i think they can pull a PS3 and use the memory stick (or the flash drive if it’d get one) to ease loading. They do this and they can port all the PS2 games they want to it.

  23. January 25, 2007 4:25 pm

    Oh, and don’t forget interchangable face plates! You need those to keep your screen scratch-less…

    Only problem with your dream machine, Rollin, is that miniaturization equals increase in prize, not decrease. But I guess we can see a smaller PSP coming out in two more years or so at a reasonable price…

  24. January 25, 2007 5:02 pm

    Who cares, they’ll sell more of em!

  25. January 25, 2007 7:37 pm

    Minituriazation may mean an increase in price, but because of the time that has lapsed since the release of the PSP, the minituriazation may not cost them all that much, meaning they could possibly match the current price of the PSP, if not lower it.

  26. January 26, 2007 11:34 am

    That’s what I meant by “coming out in two more years or so at a reasonable price”…

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