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Guy explains VC Mondays, Intendo involved

January 14, 2007

Some guy at Select-copy-paste comes clean about the VC, why Nintendo’s so miserly with it and who’s in charge of keeping the servers in check. In other words, he states the speculative obvious and we roll our eyes in unison.

Many people I’m sure notice that the games available on Virtual Console, although good, are not the best of the best…


but that about every monday there is a classic killer app released in each bunch


for many each group contains atleast one unfamiliar game, which they may infact read up on, and download out of curiousity (I myself have been quite taken with the Turbografx 16 Shooters as I never had a chance to own the console), The less a person has to choose from will increase the liklihood of an impulse buy on a piece of software that more than likely would be unsold if no other options [are] in place (The same principal is used in many other products including movies and games that are “filler” during a quiet season, or an area of slow releases).

Mhmm. Also, according to Yahoo! News, we’re currently in the Winter season.

Another advantage is that Nintendo for the most part manages to keep a relatively close lid on the upcoming titles for the week after next ( I myself have gotten the ritual of checking every monday at 2.00 PM)

Bro, this is an intervention.

…it gets discussed online and overall creates more hype/buzz for not only the Virtual console, but the Nintendo Wii itself.

You’re retarded, too?

Although there are going to be those who will simply wait for the titles they want, others will simply try games as an impulse buy (and as far as impulse buys go, these are relatively cheap being between 5 and ten dollars).

Willingly paying for expensive scraps is a primo sign of addiction.

One other aspect of Nintendo’s online strategy that I’m not sure if people noticed (or if they have, how come it gets discussed so little) is the fact that Wii Points can only be purchased in groups of ten, and quite often you will have a remainder of 200-400 Wii points, if you want to purchase a game that is say 500 Wii points, you will at the very least have to purchase 1000 Wii Points (10 dollars), and with your new remainder the cycle then continues, infact I would even venture to say it’s wise that Nintendo’s, unlike Microsoft’s Points, are not offered at a discount when bought in bulk.

…the hell?

Basically the dude says “hey, i know it sucks for us, but think of Nintendo’s profit margins!” Fantastic article, now stand up and dust off your knees. But wait, there’s something worth reading here.

Imagine if Nintendo released one day every game you wanted to buy at once, although it would create a brief but intense online shopping spree (one in fact that Intendo’s server’s themselves may not be prepared for) Consumers would lose interest shortly thereafter

Yeah… sorry about Urban Champion.

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  1. January 14, 2007 12:22 am

    Actual comment by the author:

    “I actually think I’ve spent about close to 120 dollars on VC games as of yet (which is more than I’ve spent on actual Wii console games)”

    That explains alot. A comment that followed:

    “What a waste, are people really so stupid?”

    Yes. They are. Damn people.

  2. January 14, 2007 12:31 am

    Obviously this guy is retarded, cause he namechecked us again.

    “I am actually a little disappointed Intendo didn’t give any Wii owners any free points/content (unless you count the internet browser) for Christmas.”

    Even the one time was questionable enough, but twice means you’re blind. Somebody lend him some hand-eye coordination.

  3. January 14, 2007 1:07 am

    my long lost rother.

  4. January 14, 2007 1:29 am

    I am still new at the whole writing/blogging thing, however I still think that several people did (regardless of spelling errors) found my article thought provoking and atleast worth thier time to read.

    Infact I quite welcome input, and I apologize if my grammar is not perfect, but it’s not terrible.

    I enjoy writing, and I enjoy stirring debate and conversation, and in some respects my article was useful for such, even if some tend to be overly critical.

  5. Linxdev permalink
    January 14, 2007 12:18 pm

    What is the live of a console? 5 years? Nintendo can’t release everything at once now can it. It must stretch the releases out over the life of the console. If they released it all at once there would be a rush to buy and that would taper off. the majority of future purchases would probably be those who just bought the console.

  6. January 14, 2007 2:33 pm

    Finally some discussion about the article rather than the author.

    I don’t think releasing everything on one day is good either. But there still isn’t enough to appease the millions who will have a Wii just for the VC. For starters, there are less VC games up now than Nintendo promised would be by Dec 31. Second, 3 games a week (give or take) amounts to about 162 games a year, which in 5 years would be 540 if my math is right. 540 out of 10s of thousands of games.

    Even the cream of the crop adds up to around that number – not to mention all the sleepers – so if they plan to keep releasing the crap they are, lots of people will get pissed. If that’s the plan, i figure they’ll try to meet demand on the next Wii console and leave a lot of people waiting with bated breath.

    What they could do and should’ve done was organize it by system and trick out each game’s page with a nice matching layout or system layout and give plenty of in-depth stats outside of low sales numbers so users can window shop. Add an optional voting approval system that only allows positive feedback and sort those into their own category. That way the long tail theory of economics blah blah blah can work and people keep buying down the road.

    The shop channel is a sty. Almost 2 months after launch and still all games are under “Recently Added” with a “New” label. No matter what you say Nintendo, i’m not buying Altered Beast.

  7. Linxdev permalink
    January 14, 2007 2:44 pm


    I ran out on Dec 27th to buy the only classic controller at my local Wal-Mart. Well it is still in the package. I like SMB like the rest of us but after what 20 years? I’m tiring of it and don’t really think it is worth the 500 points.

  8. January 14, 2007 2:56 pm

    Some games however have been uncharacteristically fun, I have fully enjoyed playing Toejam and Earl, Sim City, Alien Crush, and Super Star Soldier.

    It may seem experensive, but sometimes I fear these complaints stem from people with emulators used to getting thier product for free. Maybe a little higher than many would like, but I honestly find them quite reasonable.

  9. Linxdev permalink
    January 14, 2007 3:35 pm

    I don’t think having an emulator and getting it for free has anything to do with it. I don’t have an emulator.

    I can go to my local Rhino and buy SMB on a cart for cheaper than $5.00. Maybe some games are worth more not based on the system but based on the quality of the game? SMB is far better than some things that Sega offered on the Genesis. Back to SMB why not release the Mario All-Stars edition instead? I have that cart for my SNES which I hope ti retire with the VC support on the Wii.

  10. January 14, 2007 9:29 pm

    Cause Mario All-Stars was the dumbest of dumb business moves that present day Nintendo is trying to sweep under the rug, just like the freebie NES games in Animal Crossing. It’s not financially smart to release a collection that great when they can make more on the individual sales of each game. The worse part? People will eat it up.

    Meanwhile, people like me will do it the hard-but-cheap way or go for the plentiful budget-priced collection discs the Cube has: Megaman, Sonic, Genesis, Sega, Zelda, Atari retro, arcade hits, and things like that. Pound for pound it comes out less expensive than VC.

    Hey Eb, the VC is emulation too. None of us does pirated emulation. But guess what? If someone wanted to, they could buy a DS flash cart and play all the retro games they wanted with a proper control scheme and the only thing they’d have to deal with is guilt. I mean, either you get worked by the system, work around the system or work outside of it. The latter two options are so much more intelligent.

  11. frisby permalink
    January 14, 2007 10:04 pm

    and oh so illegal

  12. January 14, 2007 10:12 pm

    Well the last one is, but shhh.

  13. January 15, 2007 2:38 am

    I Tihkn Tghat
    xs the ps2 Is tthie mar7ytert@![”’

    HGY BUTA thew pswueo lo., I’ drun k!

  14. Frisby permalink
    January 15, 2007 6:54 pm


  15. Frisby permalink
    January 15, 2007 6:54 pm

    drink and blog.

  16. Linxdev permalink
    January 15, 2007 8:00 pm

    For those that did not know here is what came out today:

    Xevious: (NES, 1-2 players, 500 Wii Points)
    R-Type III: The Third Lightning (Super NES, 1-2 players, 800 Wii Points)
    Moto Roader: (TurboGrafx16, 1-5 players, 600 Wii Points)

    Maybe R-Type might be a good one to get?

  17. January 16, 2007 1:02 pm

    The VC is creating a mighty typecast for itself with all these side-scrolling shooters.

    Until they release something for me to spend my leftover 200 points on they better keep walkin.

  18. Linxdev permalink
    January 16, 2007 3:20 pm

    You could try Mario64…

    I had that for the N64 and NDS and personally never really cared that much for it. I thought the NDS version’s control scheme was too farked up to make it playable for an extended amount of time.

    To me it was more of a tech demo in the N64. “Hey look what we can do on this hardare!”

  19. January 16, 2007 3:29 pm

    The hell should i try it then? I’m kidding of course, but you just confucked me.

    I had it on DS and it felt like there was a doorstopper in my brain or something. Gave the feeling some synapse wasn’t going through properly, being obstructed by an object that prevented whatever chemical from going into whatever lobe induces fun. I think the scientific name for that feeling is “thumb nub retardation”.

  20. Frisby permalink
    January 16, 2007 3:40 pm

    Funny, it didn’t bother me at all.

  21. January 16, 2007 3:44 pm

    I lived with it and played all the way through. It didn’t bother me – i was in the minority vs the complaints back then – but i also never got what people saw in it, in the end.

  22. January 17, 2007 9:12 am

    i dug the multiple character aspect most of all. made me not want to play the original.

  23. January 17, 2007 11:19 pm

    Although we have really enjoyed Bomberman from VC at my house, I have to say this: Wii’s VC has NOTHING on Xbox LIVE’s Arcade! With an online system like that one, that offers not only classics but original IPs that rock, I’m surprised people are still so enthusiastic about the VC…

  24. January 18, 2007 1:26 am

    Thank you.

    Microsoft really attacks the software angle of their console, and i dig that.

  25. Linxdev permalink
    January 18, 2007 10:40 am

    It is their strength. They’ve never really focused on hardware before so they know the importance of software.

    Personally I do not care for Windows but they’ve created some nice things. Xbox and Flight Simulator.

  26. January 18, 2007 5:24 pm

    Nintendo used to have that software-focused rep in the gaming space, but this “new Nintendo” kinda eased up on that. I don’t dig.

  27. February 22, 2007 7:14 pm

    Back when this was new, i felt like crediting the author of this story for taking my (and others’) criticism in stride. I commend that. Don’t ever stop writing, however amatuer.

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