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Missionaries: Chris Kohler

November 22, 2006

Remember the Understated? I said it would probably be a feature if i felt like it, and i feel like it. Only now i’m combining it with another stray idea i had (the Intendo Hall of Flame) and renaming it; those who sing a similar tune to ours, bring a different light to the subject matters we cover in a constructive way, and ebb with our flow, will fall under this label.

First up is Chris Kohler, main man of Game|Life. Apparently, he’s been taking heat for voicing his likes and, more importantly, dislikes of Wii’s interface and online services. In his latest piece, he goes into his reasons for complaining about some things. Two specific points are argued:

Component video cables should be more readily available. I’m not an HDTV or EDTV owner myself, but i have read about the sellouts of those Wii component cables and such. I almost had to be part of that subgroup when i considered, for a split second, buying a new tv for Wii. People out there use their monitors, have new HDTVs, or TVs with prog-scan, et cetera and need that stuff because, as we’ve heard, Wii + HDTV – component cables = FUGLY (+ Wavebird recever = FUGLY-ER). Another instance of Nintendo not reading the market right. Doesn’t bother me particularly, but i understand.

Virtual Console is a mess. As the regular group knows, i hop on someone else’s unsecured wifi signal for my consoles — DS and Wii — and the signal isn’t that strong on the Wii side of the house. Therefore, i haven’t been to the Shop on my Wii yet, since it takes a fuckload of time for it to download everything. A commenter makes the valid comparison to the Live Marketplace, which loads instantly for virtue of being always online and the data is cached to the system memory for quick access (or something).

Kohler calls pricing and release schedules for the VC ridiculous. This is where he makes a very great point. Choice quote about VC pricing: “I agree that some NES games are worth $5 and some Genesis games are worth $8. But hell if all of them are.” I am 100% behind that logic. 8 bucks for Vectorman or Ecco, fine, but Altered Beast?

The next thing is the time table for new VC releases: “we shouldn’t have to wait longer than, say, a year for them to have released everything in their back catalog. You don’t see iTunes releasing older albums one by one. They get the rights, and everything goes up immediately. But only ten games a month are slated to hit the service.” He might be off on that, cause i member it being 10 new titles every Monday, but he still has a somewhat valid point. Nintendo should get at least 100 games up a month, making someone wait a year to buy Earthworm Jim won’t fill Nintendo’s pockets any quicker. The sooner it’s all up, the better. 40 a month aint too bad, though. Then again, i’m not into the VC at the moment.

You wanna know where he really won me? In the comment section:

“I didn’t mention it in the post — maybe because I’m saving it for another pissed-off rant when the time is right — but the Japanese launch lineup consists of *fifty* games. If all of those are available on launch day…”

See? Comforting, but it doesn’t make Rayman any better.

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  1. frisby permalink
    November 23, 2006 4:33 pm

    NICE. I enjoyed that. I thought it was weak that I wanted NONE of the currently available VC titles. I talked myself into Excite Truck, and knew my wife would like Rayman. It was a partial debut as Rollin stated all along.

  2. November 26, 2006 4:46 am

    I agree with both points, although I wouldn’t qualify VC as “a mess” being that my only complaint is that they don’t have their whole catalog available from day one. They obviously pulled a MicroSoft on us with the VC, saying that ALL games would be available, but not saying when! (Backwards compatibility on the 360 is still being worked on, with fewer than half of the Xbox’s titles still available.)

    I’m holding back on buying any more games for my Wii, VC or otherwise, until I can get a component video cable! Even third party cables are all gone… video game consumers are smarter than I thought: I always imagined no one had even tried component video cables on the GameCube except me. Given how fast these cables have sold for the Wii, I believe now I was obviously wrong!

  3. November 26, 2006 2:28 pm

    Cut Msoft some slack — they have to emulate Xbox compatibility, Wii lets you use Cube games right away. What you have to compare is the older VC games vs the retro Live Arcade games.

    It would be better business if Nin got everything they could up on the VC and then featured games every month or week to drive sales. Who wants to wait more than a year to get Comix Zone? I’d sooner find a cartridge of it.

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