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Game Nazi’s Strike Again

November 20, 2006

My tumor has become lethal. I was almost done with them, but I cannot escape…”

I love playing with my Wii…in all seriousness. I was in the middle of Mario Sunshine before I got the Wii, played a little bit of it, and let out a big yawn.

Only after one day I have been spoiled. I am bored with my Game Cube. How did this happen?

The Wii is great, however there is a deep underlying problem with the Wii launch titles.

Red Steel looked really lame…I mean REAL lame. So I got Excite Truck and Raving Rabbids. While these are great games for me, they lack “meat”.


Games like these are mere appetizers. They build me up to the main course. A game that I don’t make small talk while playing but get consumed in and enjoy. The only problem is the only game like that out right now is Zelda, which I pledged to play on Game Cube first.

Nintendo’s bullied me into this decision. I wanted to enjoy the great game, and then enjoy it again with “superior” Wii controls.

But now I needed Zelda.

The only problem is…I have it reserved at Game Stop…and I have it reserved on Game Cube. A fact I discovered after I got there.

I pull up and swallow my pride. After I get this last reserved game I will never have to step foot in this cursed store again. My wife wanted to take the dog out to the bathroom, but really wanted to see me accept defeat. I had to get Zelda after stating I would wait. I get out of the car.

I called them as usual. They said I could transfer my money towards a Wii version. They didn’t say they only had reserved copies until after I drove an hour.

“I need to get Zelda”

“You have a reservation”

“Ummm. yeah.

“For Game Cube or Wii” He was smugly smiling. He knew I called earlier. He also remembered me stating I would wait for the Cube version

“Err…Game Cube”

“Sorry man, the games are all reserved. The 5 copies we have are waiting to be picked up”

He was gloating the son of a bitch. He beat me, and he knew it. I wanted my money back but knew that would never happen. I wanted blood more than anything.

“UPS may come by later this afternoon.”

“Whatever.” I walk twords the door. My wife follows.

“The game is really awesome by the way. You need to come back as soon as possible and bring in some of your used games too for store credit!!!”

Whywould he patronize me like this??? I swallowed my pride and these Game Nazi’s laugh at me and say “NO GAME FOR YOU!!!!”


I don’t deserve this, even if I called the guy a pussy once before.

I will go back and get my Game Cube version. I will be done. But I did go across the parking lot and get Zelda on Wii. So i guess my tumor will remain malignant.

Charlie Frisby

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    November 20, 2006 8:48 pm

    dude you can get your money back on that preorder.

  2. November 20, 2006 11:07 pm

    Man, we’re going through the same thing, and something tumor-inducing happened to me at GameStop today. I’ma hit up a complementary post right now.

  3. November 21, 2006 7:42 pm

    believe me, the game shop people are like that here in England too, its so crappy.

  4. hitler permalink
    March 24, 2008 8:22 pm

    fucking jews

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