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Revised launch plans

November 15, 2006

launch plans

Ok, i’ve checked my finances and i’m stable. That concern had nothing to do with gaming until a little while ago. So i revisited N-sider’s Wii calculator. Ever since i posted about it, i’ve been vocal as vocal can be about how much i dislike Nintendo’s launch games. I heart the system and its cool-ability, but those games…Man, those games…

Revisiting the Wii launch day calculator drives those feelings home. For me, none of these games deliver what Wii is all about. Stuff like: all multiplayer, all the time, like the name suggests (missing because of no online multi); innovative genre shifters (oh Elebits, how you tease); the rebirth of the shooter, 3rd or 1st-person (no, Red Steel — you’re not funny and you shouldn’t do stand-up); kickass party games (Rayman and Monkey Ball look ok, but i’m not a fan of either game or either series); new IP born out of the controller, not raised around it; selective software approval, as in less liscenced trash (nix that); mind-bending new concepts (maybe its too early?); and so on.

I’m not pleased so far, but the system is ace.

Looking at the offerings now, and calculating how much i’ll have to spend on Sunday, i realized that i’ve been going about this all wrong the entire time. Yes, i confess. I. was. wrong. I am a very selfish person. Well, i am a selfish person when it comes down to it, but with this i need to think of others. Specifically, my siblings and friends. More specifically, my siblings, friends, and multiplayer.


I have one sib of each team, a 20-something from the men, a teen from the gals. They’ve both stolen away my DS Lite on occasion, for New Mario Bros (god knows why) and others, so having a Wii will be asking for it. All this time i’ve been griping about how much the Wii games suck from the perspective of the lone player. They do, but its my relatives – and my friends – i should’ve considered. I guess that, subconciously, the high price of those damn controllers automatically cut off the flow of neuron impulses to the brain section that likes to do some multi. Once i overcame that, it got a little easier to decide what to buy, yet harder at the same time.

First, my sis. In this scenario, Monkey Ball lights up like it never has. I’m not a party game fan, but thinking of Wii as a party console opens up this relatively untouched sub-genre of games. I’ve played MB on GameCube once, and it was good, but not fun enough for 2 players with Cube gamepads. Wii changes that. Another thing Wii changes is my perception of Rayman Raving Rabbids, the other party game. Actually, the Wii party game. With humor being a big part of it, i think anyone i play this with would really dig it, including me. She’d love it, anyone would love it. That covers that.


For my bro and friends, what’s there to choose from? Well, there’s that (goddamn) Red Steel, that may be novel enough purely because of the controller; and really, that’s the only thing it has going for it. Both my brother and my close friends dig Madden, not because they’re tools, but being football fans. There’s that option. What else…My bro’s a huge Zelda fan, probably bigger than me, so cross that out. He’s taken my Cube to his place too many times, and buying Zelda would be buying it for him, basically. So far we can shoot each other or trade concussions. Tony Hawk can go jump off a cliff, without a skateboard, for all i care.

Oh yea, there’s also Excite truck for us boys. Although, i’ve seen a couple of vids of it and they turned me off almost completely. It looks as if either everyone playing it sucks, or you can never quite get full control of the truck, which is awful. What i mentioned above is higher on the list, even Zelda. Of course, every single body will play Wii Sports. The rest of the viable purchases are single player affairs, which i can do without. I can spend my lonesome unlocking more minigames in Rayman, or ignoring Wii entirely.

All of a sudden, Wii’s games appeal to me. None really showcase the new/next gen for me, but they underscore Wii as a party system. That’s cool. But in at least 2 months, i better have something to really dive into. Maybe that’ll be Zelda time. Until then, i’ll be good keeping bad company. (For effect, sing that like Paul Rodgers.)

Hell, anything to convince myself this lineup is worth a damn.

New total: 1 Wii box + 1 remote + 1 nunchuk + Red Steel + Rayman Raving Rabbids = $444.28. I hate New York.

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  1. November 15, 2006 6:15 pm

    After going back and forth between the 360 (Gears of War), the Wii (WiiSports, will wait for impressions to actually buy a game), and, believe it or not, the PS2 (best games of 2005, apparently, and SUPER cheap!), I came almost to the same conclusion as you: I’m getting the Wii so I can play with my wife, my daughter, and my nephews, and, who knows, maybe even my parents!

    As far as single-player goes, I still have a dozen games on each of the portables and the previous-gen consoles that I need to finish…

  2. November 15, 2006 7:48 pm

    I changed my mind too; I believe a Wii will be in my hands on Sunday morning. Can’t wait.

    Note: This perspective shift occurred after Jeremy Parish’s comments. He has convinced me that the Wii’s Zelda controls are definitely not broken.

  3. November 15, 2006 8:30 pm

    Yea man. Out of nowhere, i got the urge to get Bully last week. Reading the EGM review of it did the trick i guess, plus the cheap-er price of $40.

    I have enough choices with other systems to cover me. If i get the craving for solo “remote control” time (get it?!?), i’ll play Red Steel(?) or Rayman by myself. But i’m buying Wii now just as a party system.

    If someone else i know gets it, they can buy Red Steel. It could replace Halo 2 as the go-to game for me and my buds. As good as the game is, it’s not fun to play anymore. Too bad they didn’t compensate for wifi’s absence by incorporating wireless LAN. That would’ve been a nice touch.

    At the moment, “Wii” means “We play together…if we live closeby.” Nintendo should add that to their “Wii” explanation.

  4. November 20, 2006 10:02 am

    Awesome Post!

    Third Rake webcomic

  5. November 26, 2006 5:24 am

    Hmm…So after reading your review on the launch, I’ll buy Red Steel in the future, Get Zelda and Madden as soon as possible. Dude, we need to play Tennis sometime.

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