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Miss Video Game

November 7, 2006

Well, Faith Naked tells me it’s for a good cause, so i’m for it.

Check out the Miss Video Game website, wade through the ditzes and the airheads, admire the righteous ones, and enter your wives and girlfriends.

Peep the latest hot entrant. She can’t lose!

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  1. November 7, 2006 7:06 pm

    Rollin, you look so HOT and feminine in that picture!

  2. November 7, 2006 7:10 pm

    It’s what i do, babe. 😉


  3. November 7, 2006 9:41 pm

    eh? I don’t see anything. did they take the pic down?

  4. November 7, 2006 10:18 pm

    Ha! Damn, they work quick. Shit i shoulda taken a screen scan. Well i did, but would it still be there on my PC somewhere? I don’t know how to find that.

    It was basically me on there pretending to be a girl. Convincingly.

  5. November 7, 2006 10:23 pm

    Meh. That sucks. By the way did you guys notice that a lot of the chicks there were showing excessive boobage? It’s like they’re tyring to say yeah, we’re REALLY girls.

    Some of them were kinda hot though.

  6. November 7, 2006 10:29 pm

    And those happened to be the ones who gamed the least. Pathetically, i wasn’t even the flattest Miss Video Game contestant…

    I’m a voluptuous bitch.

  7. November 9, 2006 2:07 am

    I think this might be a guy too.

  8. November 9, 2006 5:19 am

    You are evil, Faith. The poor girl(?)…

  9. November 9, 2006 5:38 am

    Oh actually when I saw that chick(?) I was like, wtf? Is that the pic Rollin put up for kicks?

    It’s the blonde hair, looks like a wig. or a yellow mop.

  10. January 26, 2007 7:12 pm

    Heh, I entered.

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