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October 27, 2006

Back when Nintendo revealed the “Wii” name, people went cra-zy. Forums were ablaze, petitions started left and right. These petitions made headlines all over, begging Nintendo fans to sign it in the vain hope that Nintendo would somehow heed their cries and call it Revolution. Didn’t happen and it wasn’t gonna happen.

This act of extreme fanboyism led me to create this, the Anti-Wii Petition Petition. You can look through it, but be warned that i was very pro-Wii at the time, to put it lightly, and i didn’t quite have the name down right yet. Lots of “the Wii” and “Nintendo Wii” thrown about, which i can’t edit out since the site doesn’t allow editing of details once a petition is live. Oh well, twas the sign of those times i guess.

It ended up getting a buncha sigs, but i couldn’t topple the petition that i was countering, Are You Serious, Nintendo? which got the most sigs of all (2085). I even got a lot of people who were anti Wii’s name to sign mine just so they could call me gay. There’s a deep respect betwix me and those beloved fan-dogs, i tell ya. The petition’s been inactive since the Spring, with 2 signatures since, and 1 yesterday prompting me to post this. They provide a nice look at what was happening at the time.

Other petitions to check out (full list):

Petition for a distributor of Nintendo in Brazil [a just cause]

Change Mario’s name to Adolf Hitler

Ban Nintendo DS from production

Nintendo and Sony Peace Treaty

We say “oui” to the Wii! [a less successful pro-Wii petition]

The REGGIElution Project

Mischief Makers Sequel [if petitions mattered, i’d sign this one quick-like]

PSP needs to go down!

GAMECUBE SUCKS [200 sigs!]

Nintendo sucks [anti-DS, pro-GB]

Revolution Grill Software [something about a George Foreman USB iGrill]

Bring E3 Back [no sigs]

Microsoft should pull out of console business

2 Comments leave one →
  1. October 27, 2006 6:27 pm

    “Bring E3 Back”, with no sigs! I like that!

  2. frisby permalink
    October 28, 2006 12:33 am

    I was 20 and a victim of the “Nitnedo” Wii. And I think ,my space bar was broken that day.

    I-man at 48, Represent

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