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Don’t underestimate the 3

October 16, 2006

I think there’s some misguidedness to the latest perceptions of this console battle about to take place. Most of the talk is about Wii versus PS3 and their close launches and inevitable sellouts. When people talk of uphill battles and failures to stake claims in a fanbase, they’re are looking at the wrong things.

It’s pretty clear that there are 2 types of systems among 3 consoles. Since Wii’s remote came about, everyone’s been trying to figure out what the best combo is. Wii60s, PSThwiis, even PS360s for some dumb reason. Until recently, i’ve thought that all 3 consoles have enough idiosynchratic features to distinguish them from each other. Wii has the remote, free online, and all these quirky features; 360 has Live, the only traditional controller with rumble, great developer support and proved itself a good system; PS3 has a semi Wii remote, heavy pull in the industry (Japan has its back), and features galore. At this point, though, i’m not sure anymore.

Xbox 360 has always been derided by Nintendo fanboys, but i was always a believer in it. It has crazy power that Wii cannot even halfway imitate, a great gamepad, and a few dope games that are usually Live capable. Its price is no slouch, either. Of course, in thinking this, i would jump to the conclusion that PS3 would be left out in the cold like an unwanted dog, since they seemed so similar.

PS3 has been mocked because of the PR “blunders” Sony has been making in the months since E3. Insane price, rumble-lacking controller, system crashes, and whatever else people criticized it for. The main issue with PS3 is how its hardware compares to 360. This was also a non-issue, until now. 360 managed some beautiful stuff that made whatever unnoticeable Cell+RSX advantage dismissable. However, research would tell you that this is simply the lazy assessment.

I was looking through a buncha screenshots from a buncha games and came to a new conclusion. Remember all those people that said and still say that PS3 will edge everything else out in the long run? They were wrong…it already started. Xbox 360 games are pretty, but even as you compare 2nd and 3rd generation 360 software to 1st gen PS3 stuff, you can see the differences. 360 relies heavily on the Unreal Engine and PS3 does to an extent. When you compare, 360 UE games aren’t as crips and sharp as any UE or non-UE PS3 titles. This is probably cause of the resolution, which is natively like 720p/i on 360 and 1080i/p on PS3. In further comparison, X360 games have a lot more jaggies than PS3 games do, not to mention lower poly counts. I know this isn’t my territory, but even to me it’s clear that PS3 has an advantage that will only grow from here.

So what i’m trying to say is that PS3 isn’t going to fail based on its launch versus Wii. That’s not even a viable discussion, really. 360 is what you should be worryign about. There was a headline yesterday that said Microsoft has already lost $1.2 billion on the 360. The article also showed how the adoption rate for it was lower than the early PS2 numbers and even the early Xbox figures. Now, if this is happening when it’s out there by itself, imagine what would happen a month from now when Sony’s media blitz and Wii’s buzz are at mass hysteria levels. What the fuck is an Xbox 360? I’m not saying it’s worthless now, but it won’t hold up in the future against the other 2, and especially if it can’t even eclipse its predecessor on its lonesome. PS3 just outclasses it.

Once again, we’re back at the assumption that there will be 2 consoles that succeed. If you ask me (which you’re not), PS3 is the winner of the console fight. It has more backing, more long-term potential, more fans, more hype, and more recognition than the ‘box. Wii, as far as me and the world are concerned, is not a part of that battle. The only people Nintendo is fighting to win over are people who don’t game. Wii is already a success, and it’s set it stone for PS3, too. The only variable is Xbox and i don’t see it remaining a constant in this hardware cycle.

Anyone dismissing PS3 for any reason is straight up being foolish. The internet population is what’s making it seem like Sony and Nintendo have a media war going, but they’re a small part of the entire gaming populace. Let’s chill out, people. Focus on the real issue: X360, a very nice system, has a good chance of Dreamcasting very soon — for the first time, i actually believe it’s possible.

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  1. October 17, 2006 1:39 am

    I hope not! At least, not until AFTER Halo 3 comes out! That game is the only reason I will get a 360…

  2. October 17, 2006 3:57 pm

    It’s the only thing that will sustain Xbox Live and the 360 past fiscal year 2007, i know that much.

  3. HawkTail permalink
    October 17, 2006 4:22 pm

    You are missing a very important thing, sales are up to the consumer. Parents will NOT spend $600.00 to play videogames. Hell, they dont want to spend $400.00 on the 360. I was a manager @ EB Games, and parents laught at $600.00. Another thing to point out is xbox vs ps2. which one had better graphics? Which system outsold the other, regardless of graphics?

  4. Stimpy permalink
    October 17, 2006 4:35 pm

    Seriously man. It’s all about the games. No one buys a console solely on it’s graphical potential. You buy a console cause they have the games you want to play! The average gamer isn’t going to say, oh I’ll buy this console over this one even though it has better games simply because it’s graphics are slightly better. Come on. I don’t doubt that the PS3 has more muscle and can out pretty the 360, but the same was true for the original Xbox compared to the PS2. Who won that battle? PS2. Why? The games. Period.

  5. October 17, 2006 6:44 pm

    Yea yea yea, ok guys, your points are old. I wasn’t trying to say that graphics will win the war. What i’m saying is that PS3 is more of a powerhouse than 360 is and it has more long-term potential for pushing the limits of technical veracity, therefore, spec for spec, traditional console vs traditional console, PS3 is the better choice.

    I also said that PS3 has more than that going for it to bulldoze the 360. It already has support from everyone, including Microsoft’s slave Tecmo. It’s getting a lot of the big 3rd party 360 games, like Assasin’s Creed and Oblivion. It also has more exclusives than Microsoft had at their launch last year, big ones like MotorStorm and Lair. Again, PS3 wins this category.

    The format war is a no-brainer. Blu-ray is in every PlayStation and it has an appeal of newness. HD DVD is high def DVD which you need adaptor for, who cares. That will make people save up for their Blu-ray playing 500-dollar PS3s with HDMI ports and all this stuff the 360 doesn’t. For Sony, achieving this is as easy as one big commercial. Tally another win.

    Sony has the PS fans, the tech-heads, and the trendy types in the bag. MS can’t do shit about it, simply put. Most of those people that bought PS2s will support PS3 as well. Price doesn’t matter as much as you think.

    So if Sony gets all these things right, chances are the 360 is in trouble.

  6. HawkTail permalink
    October 17, 2006 7:50 pm

    Thats a “BIG IF.” BTW, Sony is the one that is loosing their exclusives. Capcom has made a ton of money from the 360, so their support is not as loyal as before, Assassians creed was Sony’s and they lost it (aka never had it). Square is pulling support, and Ninja Gaiden is just a re-make, so Tecmo (team ninja) is still the same. The PS3 is hoping on their technology (blue ray and cell) which is unproven to win and thats a lot to bank on. Sony has too many obsticals to get thru to even be concidered as a force to be reckoned with.As far as theformat war goes,I think both formats are very useless, so the fact that microsoft gives you the option to waste your money, instead of forcing you too buy the fromat will speak volumes. Sony fan’s are not numourous enough to turn the tides for sony. Its still to early to tell, but i can easily see the PS3 as the next Sega Saturn.

  7. frisby permalink
    October 17, 2006 9:13 pm

    Unfortunately Microsoft has no support in Japan. If MS could penetrate the Asian market MS would bitch slap Sony off of their self proclaimed thrown.

    I agree that MS has the better game plan for HD-DVD being an add on to make your 360 MORE useful at your digression.


  8. October 17, 2006 9:16 pm

    Regardless of whatever poorly written stuff I’ve put up in the past, I’m a firm believer that Wii is here to stay, and that the PS3 doesn’t offer ENOUGH of a difference from the 360 to warrant being $100 more. It may be prettier, sure, but a) does it play better, especially with what we’ve heard about recently with the Sixaxis controller, and b) is it better looking to the tune of $100? My answer’s still no, and that opinion will continune to pop up in my posts.

  9. October 17, 2006 9:37 pm

    It’s up to the people, ultimately. Of course, you should factor in other stuff like those leaked e-games for PS3 and how they handle everything else. I think that anyone who buys PS3 over 360 is paying for the things and games that aren’t possible on the 360 and won’t ever be.

    That certain exclusive that requires as much power as the Cell provides to implement a certain gameplay aspect, or that gameplay element in this other exclusive that needs this much graphical potency to execute exactly as the developer wants. What you’re paying for with PS3 is potential. Just like Wii.

    Oh yea, and that Blu-ray drive and HDD.

  10. Ninja permalink
    October 17, 2006 10:35 pm

    Games that are not even possible… When it comes down to it yes the PS3 is more powerful than the xbox360. As a member of the development community I can tell you the xbox360 is a better choice for a developer. Programming on the xbox360 can be as easy as point and click, or can be done the good old fashioned way. The xbox360 is based off of the PowerPC architecture which is a known architecture and is something developers know how to use. The PS3’s cell processor is a completely new architecture and is extremely difficult to program for in comparison to the Wii and the Xbox360. Blue-ray has not yet proven itself. Its sales are lagging compared to Hd-dvd sales. It is more expensive that Hd-dvd and rises the cost to produce a disk on it. The technology is relatively unknown and much like the PS2 dvd drive it will probably die after a few months.

    I personally will be a Wii60 person. There are very few exclusives for the PS3 that interest me and they will not be out for a long time. Yes there will be many ports and yes they may look “a tiny bit better” on the PS3, but in the end as it has been said the games will win. Microsoft seems to have the cards now in the exclusive department between PS3 and xbox360. The Wii still owns the exclusives but since we are not talking about the Wii on this Wii board I will not speak of it =)

    Trust me I could go on forever about this but I will not bore you with it.

  11. frisby permalink
    October 17, 2006 10:39 pm

    You could go on. We don’t mind.

  12. October 17, 2006 11:42 pm

    Wii is also a snap to develop for, how come that doesn’t get more support? And how come regardless of ease of development, devs stick to PS3? How come Japan’s majority abstains from 360?

    Hey, i know you know what you’re talking about here more than i do, but i don’t think stuff like that makes much of a diff. Anything that’s gonna distract PS3 buyers with the 360 isn’t out yet. Unless you’re making it. (Are you making it?)

    PS3 even has its own GTA4 episodes. Next thing you know they’re gonna announce Halo 3 as an exclusive launch title.

    But seriously, go on if you’d like. I think it would add to the discussion.

  13. Hawktail permalink
    October 18, 2006 12:27 am

    The GTA content is a rumor. Sony hasnt even set firm info about their online network, so how can they announce content for something that doesnt even exist. and we havent even discussed the fact that their is no fully fuctioning ps3’s around. The PS3’s you have read about being toted around europe do not have blue ray drives,and its due out in a month!? As far as why PS3 has more support that 360 in Japan is very simple…The Japanese dont like american products as much as their own. However, it is interesting to note at TGS, the lines for lost oddesy and blue dragon (both only on 360) were longer than anything Sony had.

  14. Ninja permalink
    October 18, 2006 1:21 am

    Wii has a lot of support from third parties like Ubisoft, THQ, and EA. They are putting a lot of support by modifying their games to work with the Wiimote as well as making exclusives for the Wii. One of the big reasons that the 360 has bombed in Japan is the original Xbox. The Xbox and its games were designed for an American audience. Microsoft never took the time to get the support of the Japanese game development community. This tarnished the name of Xbox in Japan. When the 360 was launched there were very few games that were designed for the Japanese audience. Everything was still geared towards Americans, and the few games that were designed with the Japanese audience in mind were delayed. Microsoft has finally started to get their act together in Japan with exclusives like Blue Dragon and Lost Oddesy. They do not have the same backing as Sony yet but they are working their way up. They just have a lot of catching up to do with the Japanese game audience.

    Rollin you are absolutely right about the games that would distract a PS3 buyer are not out yet. Come November those games will start hitting shelves. Games like Viva Piñata, Mass Effect, Forza 2, and Gears of War (yes they are completely different but that just shows the diversity of the 360 lineup) will be coming out which will be huge titles and are all exclusives. Eventually Halo 3, Halo Wars, Fable 2, and many others will be coming out and those will be big distractions for the PS3. Splinter Cell 5 is going to be an exclusive for the 360 and that series has become a huge hit. Microsoft has a very diverse lineup coming over the next couple years as well as PS3. As I stated in my last post Microsoft has gained the upper hand in exclusive games between the PS3 and 360. Even Square is going to be supporting it more than just another port Final Fantasy XI. Development costs are so high it is not cost effective to make an exclusive these days unless the company is given a lot of money to make the exclusive.

    The GTA content rumor as far as I remember was for 360 and not PS3. I could be mistaken on that one. What Hawktail said about the PS3’s is true. No single PS3 has been seen with a real Blue-ray drive. Every Blue-ray demo has been a data DVD with high definition clips on it. Since it is a data DVD and not a standard DVD they are able to pull this off with a computer DVD drive in the system. It does worry me that they have not yet shown a Blue-ray drive in a PS3 yet. One thing we all should remember is that before the Xbox Microsoft had nothing in the way of a console. They had a few PC games but that was it. They went from nothing to second place in the video game market. That is an amazing accomplishment. Microsoft has listened very closely to the people who use its console and made a lot of changed because of that for the Xbox360, and continue to do that in firmware updates today. Sony however had not been as good at that. =(

    TGS was a surprising success for Microsoft. Lost Oddesy was big there but Blue Dragon blew everyone away. Everyone who I have spoken to that got their hands on it was stunned by how good the game was. I guess one would expect nothing less from the grandfather of Final Fantasy. I think we all remember the “actual game play video” of Killzone a few years and know that Sony can produce lies. E3 was a little disappointing in terms of the PS3 games as they looked much worse than their 360 counterparts. Obviously that was early in development and is going to improve but it was not impressive. As we learned with the last generation most games are made for the lowest common denominator and scaled up for the better system. Most developers will take very little time to do this meaning that the games will look almost the same between the two systems. Only the exclusives will really show off the prowess of the PS3.

    Sony is loosing and has lost a lot of money on the PS3 and is betting a lot on this system. Everything needs to go perfect for Sony or they will be in a real financial hardship. Until they can get their costs down Nintendo will keep on making money as they always do and Microsoft will hit the point that they are making money on their consoles and begin making back their investment beginning with the original Xbox.

    I guess what I am really getting down at is that I don’t think either company is going to go away this generation but I also think that neither company will completely outshine the other. This generation is going to depend highly upon what exclusives you want to play. The Wii is going to be much cheaper and will probably gain a big market share with younger gamer as parents are not very willing to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a system. They will love the price of the Wii and perhaps even get into it themselves? This generation is going to be a huge for gamers as the PS3 and Xbox360 continue to fight to the death and they try harder and harder for people’s money. Maybe after all this is over we will be getting more good games and less crap from developers. Only time will tell.

  15. October 18, 2006 4:02 am

    Firstly, lemme say that i don’t agree with you completely, let’s get that out now. But i do want you to know that i value your opinion. All of you, really. I’m kinda shocked no one attacked me in a childish way for what i wrote.

    Btw, i was being rhetorical Ninja, i know the answers to all those questions. What i was trying to point out is that there’s nothing 360 can do about the advantages PS3 has on it. The only thing it can do is continue getting solid games. But as you’ve mentioned, MS was able to wedge their system into the market and be successful. But as i’ve seen, even that doesn’t make a difference. MS is in the hole $1.2B deep with 360 and hasn’t penetrated as much as the firstbox did. That can’t be good. The money doesn’t matter as much as the adoption numbers. We all know Wii is gonna annihilate their installed base in no time, but that’s not their audience anyway. And about that Wii support, it could be better.

    Also, you have to consider that scenario of a good stream of 360 games in-line with the stream of PS3 games coming out at the same time. Who’s to say that PS3 won’t have a killer app Halo-substitute or Halo-replacement in Resistance? Or a different one, like Killzone 2 (if it still exists). Every 360 game will undoubtedly go up against a PS3 title in whichever month it releases. And whatever anyone says, Viva Piñata made a death wish by being a 360 game to begin with. Nothing will make 360 a family console, nuff said. Also, from what was shown today of PS3’s Live Arcade clone, the games are solid and at least equal in quality, diversity, and price.

    Exclusives will be the crutch of both systems, and that’ll be where gamers really see the benefits of PS3. Hell, i can see it in Blue Dragon– That game looks like they beefed up an Xbox and worked on that. Compare that to PS3’s dragon game, Lair. I know graphics don’t matter that much and the 2 games are mostly unique from each other, but for a large amount of mainstream console owners, one look at the back of the box is all it takes.

    Even in purty games like Mass Effect you can see the wrinkles on 360’s face. PS3 is just more future-proof. 1 year from now you’ll really be able to see the discrepancy. And no, the GTA rumor is for PS3, but it’s just as well confirmed. Xbox 360 episodes are already official. In any case, it’s not farfetched to believe PS3 will get some of that or more. And going back to the hardware discussion, i wonder how GTA4 will turn out on each console.

    So, if these adoption rates aren’t increasing and these people still game, it’s likely that the reluctant 360 buyers will be drawn to the 2 new systems of November. PS is the biggest name out there, there’s no denying that the less informed will be all over it. It would ultimately devour would-be 360 owners and others who held out, but i don’t think it would kill the 360. I also don’t rule that out, either.

    About those devs: there’s still Wii, so don’t miss those crap games just yet.

    [Unrelated, but Ninja, if you’rereally a member of the development community, i’d like it if you’d offer yourself up for an interview with me here or at Infendo. My contact info is in the Team page up top. Shoot me an email if interested, if you ever stop by again.]

  16. Stimpy permalink
    October 18, 2006 12:58 pm

    I still say you’re wrong, and you seem to be back pedaling now, jumping on the “Exclusives is the Key” bandwagon, which was not supported in your OP. Obviously people have pretty strong opinions on this matter, and for the most part, I could care less. I’m getting a Wii.

    But it’s when people post ridicules things like “The PS3 will be still born”, or “Xbox 360 will be gone by ’07” that just drives me crazy. From the way things are shaping up, the battle will not be won or lose in this next generation. There just isn’t enough differential between the 2 systems, plus both MS and Sony have plenty of money to through at their respective system to keep them afloat through the coming generation. If anything it will be PS4 and Xbox1080 that will be the ultimate battle. I just don’t see either of these big players going away any time soon no matter what the cost.

    The important thing that will come out of this next generation will be how the Wii fairs. If the Wii does as well as many of us think it will, then it will change the dynamics of the fight. It won’t be about the biggest and best anymore. It might actually come down to a fight on who can bring the most FUN to the user experience. Yeah, I know, I know. God forbid they sacrifice some eye candy for some good ole fashion fun. But I for one look forward to it.

  17. October 18, 2006 1:57 pm

    Oooh, finally some directness.

    I’m not backpeddaling. I did make a point in saying that PS3 was stripping exclusives from Xbox. Is that anti-exclusives? Between those 2 systems, exclusives are all that matters. If PS3 gets what makes 360 special, 360 stops being special. It’s simple math.

    Alright fine, it’s hard to imagine that one of them will drop out. I didn’t say it was inevitable. What i did say was that Xbox 360 is gonna be in bad shape once the next-gen is in full swing because it can’t hang with the PS3 spec for spec and i believe it’ll eventually trail off. And i damn well didn’t say it was gonna die after 07, i said it might have a hard time sustaining itself past fiscal year 07, which is actually ends on March 31st of 2008.

    What’s important about Wii, seriously? What are you worried about? That thing’s set to get it. It’s meeting all Nintendo’s targets. But it’s not displacing any other console, believe that. It doesn’t factor into Sony/MS plans and you should stop pretending it does. Give it up.

    Bro, if anyone’s on a bandwagon, it’s you. You own up to that fact once you say something like “I could care less. I’m getting a Wii”. Don’t talk to me about bandwagons when you spout off the same thing every other goddamn Nin-boy says: “graphics are an illusion, gameplay is EVERYTHING”. Yea, i’m sure if PS3 and 360 had the same graphics as PS2 and Xbox you’d be ridiculing them for not advancing. Enough with the double-standard. (And for the record, capitalizing the word “fun” every chance you get is not gonna make anyone forget that graphics are important and gameplay isn’t everything.) Btw, isn’t wanting old-fashioned fun defeating the point of getting Wii in the first place? Go knock down some mailboxes for that.

    You haven’t even played Wii yet and you’re preaching it like you know first hand that it destroys everything and reinvents the meaning of the fun, in and outside of videogames. What if you don’t like the visuals? What if you don’t like the controls? Well, if it comes to that, you’ll just keep on truckin’ in your fave Nintendo fan forum, won’t you? Power to ya.

    Bandwagons. This guy’s talkin to me about bandwagons…

  18. HawkTail permalink
    October 18, 2006 2:30 pm

    You know, your “exclusivity” that is being taken from microsoft doesnt exist. Can you name ONE game that left microsoft and moved to sony in “next-gen”? no, you cant. its going the other way. The only 3rd party games Sony has are Devil May Cry and MGS4. Mgs4 isnt looking all that great, and 360 has Splinter cell 5 exclusive to battle it. Capcom and Microsoft are enjoying a good relationship right now, w/ dead rising selling amazingly well, lost planet w/ a lot of good attention, and XBLA. so, dont be too amazed if Devil may cry moves to both systems, like resident evil. Sony lost Alan wake, bio-shock, GTA4, and square enix exclusive contracts. Things are changing, and the fact that Sony is losing money left and right since the company consolidated, they are relying to heavily on blue ray to make things happen. As far as wii vs ps3 and 360; ive played all 3 systems @ e3. Wii is fun, great fun, but i dont think that it can achieve in-depth storyline focused games like Bioshock, Alan Wake, Final fantasy, ect. I am sure they will have & could develop some, but the focus will be fun games. I am not a fan of sports games and EA, however, madden on wii was a blast. Unique things will happen with nintendo, and i have mine payed off and will have it day one, but the story line centered games i want will be on my 360.

  19. Ninja permalink
    October 18, 2006 2:39 pm

    I think we all agree that this generation is not goin going to be the end of any of the systems. In the end its going to boil down to what system you want and which one you are more comfortable with. I have always been a Nintendo fan based off the games but I will not say that the Wii will dominate the world or anything as I know it wont. Having played early Wii games the games are definitly working towards being an amazing experiance but will not replace standard controller play. PS3 and Xbox360 will have alot of the same just prettyer. Exclusives are a major key on any system. If every system had the exact same graphics there are only 2 things that would help you choose a console. The exclusive games, the features of the console, and the controller. None of us here know what is going to happen by the end of this generation it is all just what we think will happen. This generation is a rollercoaster and a gamble for all of the game companys.

    To everyone who posts that some console is the second comming… The only console that could be classified as the (insert number here) comming would be the NES that did not begin the home gaming market but really gave it the boost it needed after the video game slump, and the Gameboy for creating the handheld market. No system since has been the second comming, they are just adding more features and graphics to their console.

  20. Stimpy permalink
    October 18, 2006 3:54 pm

    Oh God, come on. I’m a fanboy because I’m getting a Wii. I think I’ve been making the argument this whole time that the 360 isn’t going anywhere, and mention the Wii ONE SINGLE TIME and suddenly I’m a Fanboy. Grow up. Do you really have to digress to such tactics as this to try and make your point, because you’re only making yourself look foolish.

    I never said the Wii would win the war. I just said that if it did well, it would influence the shape of things to come. If they are able to capture the demographics they are targeting, MS and Sony will have to do like wise, because that is a huge untapped market.

    All I’m saying in regards to the PS3 vs 360 is this. There are a lot of factors that go into a consoles inevitable success or failure, and I seriously doubt the minor graphical differences there are between the two systems are going to make a bit of difference. As far as longevity goes, who would have thought the PS2 would be doing this well as late in the game as it is, while being the weaker system. Back in the day, I bought an Xbox betting on the stronger system and ended up missing a lot of good games. Now when the stakes are so much higher ($400+), that’s going to be a much more painful mistake.

  21. frisby permalink
    October 18, 2006 6:22 pm

    I agree with Hawktail in the fact that PS3 is losing alot. I didn’t know that PS3 had a different coding system but the latest Unreal Engine is the standard. If anything this will ultimately upset the current studios fluent in UnReal will have to learn something new, and at the fact that they will have to convert there stuff after the fact. But I don’t know if this will hurt the PS3 as much to kill it.

    The only problem MS will have (i have said this so many times) is penetrating the Japanese market. Sony and Nintendo are doing great in Japan, but MS can’t make a big impact. If they could get some better marketing and a more (Asian) appealing games they could really damage Sony. But until then Sony will still have a place in peoples living room unless their machines star catching fire.


  22. October 18, 2006 9:50 pm

    howleee shit. I tried reading all the comments but my mind kinda shut down after a few so i’ll just throw in some more 3rd world geekery. I forget who said it originally but there was an article about a month ago that said something like “by placing the PS3 at 500-600 dollars, Sony has effectively eliminated the average consumer.” In essence, what the article was trying to say was that they’d turned the PS3 into an expensive, top of the line product that only the hardcore or filthy rich can buy.

    To me, it’s like the difference between a high end BMW or a high end Honda. Driving a Beemer is most probably an absolutely different experience from driving the most tricked out Honda Accord, but in the end, they do the same job.

    Me and the average consumer will lust for the PS3 but we’ll never be able to justify buying it. We’ll troop over to our rich friend’s place and play with it there, and console ourself with a Wii or a 360 at home.

  23. October 19, 2006 3:41 pm

    Stimpy– No, you’re not a fanboy cause you’re getting Wii, i hadn’t said that. Let me show you what you said:”The important thing that will come out of this next generation will be how the Wii fairs. If the Wii does as well as many of us think it will, then it will change the dynamics of the fight. It won’t be about the biggest and best anymore. It might actually come down to a fight on who can bring the most FUN to the user experience. Yeah, I know, I know. God forbid they sacrifice some eye candy for some good ole fashion fun.”

    And how the bloody hell do you know this, having not played it, only knowing what you’ve seen online? Besides that, if you had an impartial mind, you wouldn’t be throwing around the word “fun” in caps like it was going out of style when referring to Wii. We get it, it’s fun, we know. Anyone who looks at these things without rose-colored glasses knows that Wii doesn’t just sacrifice “some” eye candy, either. Maybe you aren’t a fanboy, but Nintendo’s PR definitely worked on you.

    Whether Wii does well or doesn’t won’t affect how this generation plays out for Sony and MS. There are 360 and PS3 people that are intrigued by Wii, but they’re still getting their 360s and PS3s regardless if they do or don’t buy Wii. Wii has little effect on that outcome. If anything, if Wii becomes a meteoric top seller, it will slightly effect the following generation. Sony already Wii-proofed themselves though, so i still don’t see much Wii would do to it.

    Anyway, my main reason for writing this was 360’s inability to capitalize on this year-long lead they had. They’re still under about 5mil in the US (if not worldwide, i don’t know the numbers) and PS3 and Wii are almost here.

    So once PS3 gets rolling and people are making better tools for it and whatnot to ease development – if they don’t rely completely on Unreal – and they ramp up production, who’s left to buy 360? They don’t have another market to go after like Wii does. Simple logic would tell you that no matter what exclusives they’ve gotten and are getting, they did almost nothing with this lead time. Now that PS3 enters the picture, how can it get any better for 360? The cheaper PS3 is only 100 bucks more, i don’t think it’s hard to imagine people foregoing 360 and spending the extra hundred bucks if they see they’re getting their money’s worth.

  24. HawkTail permalink
    October 19, 2006 5:30 pm

    why are you backpeddeling on your exclusives rant? First Sony’s stealing the exclusives (which the exact opposite is happening), now they dont matter? Microsoft didnt do too much w/ their first year, thats kinda true. Oblivion was the best-selling game for its first month, G.R.A.W. sold very well its first month as well. Dead Rising was huge, and Microsoft increased Xbox live users by 1 million since launch. What really matters is this christmas. Its hard to compare this year’s systems ssales to the Xbox’s first year, because Xbox had Halo, and it didnt have anything to prove (except staying power, which Halo and Splinter Cell proved) This time, people are waiting to see if they want a PS3 or Wii, and not jumping on the 360 bandwagon yet to see what happens. The casual consumer is standing buy to see the PS3. When the PS3 launches this year to horrible standards, (no systems avalible anywhere, a horrible launch line-up, and i am sure malfunctions on practically every other unit) people will see that an extra $100.00 and a 4 month wait isnt worth it, and they will go w/ 360. As far as WII in all this, like I said, ive played it, and WIi is very FUN. Thats it. It will have an easy appeal, and will be a great secondary system (or for familys, their only system). Its gonna be all about 360 vs PS3, and PS3 is a piece of junk. Developers wont make money off of it and thats what its all about. $$$. Sony is losing money like crazy, and if the PS3 fails, they will do the same thing Sega did: they will rush their next system (like dreamcast was) and the next Xbox will be waiting to destroy it. What it really boiles down to is that PS3 isnt out yet, and its up to consumers. I think its time Sony gets whats comming to them from all their lies to it fans, and falls in this generation, and gets their act together to creat a good PS4, but i doubt that will happen, but we will see…

  25. October 20, 2006 3:40 am

    I’m not gonna spend too much time on a rebuttal to that since it’s so clearly skewed in Microsoft’s favor, but i’ll say a few things.

    I don’t know why i’m being attacked with this backpeddaling BS, it’s a diversion from the topic. I said that exclusives are important cause they are for every console to make itself unique from the rest. Then i went into how, on the 360, exclusives don’t matter as much as they normally would because, seeing as how it’s been out for a year, in solitude, and it got all those great games you mentioned, it still could not get past 4.5 million units sold. There’s no contradiction in those statements.

    Microsoft said today that they hope to surpass 5million 360s sold – worldwide – by next summer. That’s embarrassing! Shit, Nintendo will probably sell as many Wiis by January 1st without breaking a sweat. If Sony manages to produce PS3s in a steady stream sometime early next year, they might gain on MS quick-like.

    I think 360’s audience is too limited; way more than PlayStation’s. You’re right, this Xmas will be big for all companies. But even with PS3 shortages and Wii targeted at a different consumer altogether, what makes you think 360 will come out of that as the talking point of the season? It’ll get more big games, but it also gets more competition, as if the PS2 and DS last Xmas weren’t enough. When everyone sees the new stuff from Sony and Nintendo, the Xbox 360 will be old news by comparison.

    And it’s not like everyone automatically chooses one when they can’t get the other. If PS3 buzz is crazy high, people will search it out, resort to eBay, wait till January, whatever it takes. You know Sony will create that demand. Unless MS comes out and says to the unknowing buyer “Hey, this is almost a PS3, but cheaper- Buy it instead!”, no one who has their heart set on PS3 will buy 360 as a consolation prize unless they were on the fence to begin with. I just don’t see that happening.

    Finally, lest we forget, 360 can’t be given away in Japan. The other 2 will have no problem catching up to it by this time next year as long as production allows it.

  26. HawkTail permalink
    October 20, 2006 2:39 pm

    Microsoft currently has 6 MILLION units sold in united states, and hope to have 10 million sold by christmas. i am still looking for the source on those #’s for you. As far as 360 in Japan, because Blue Dragon is so big there, the 360’s have just sold 1 million preorders over there (for a really low price, i might add) but since Japan is no longer the primary market anymore (U.S is #1 and #2 is Europe). Sony kissed away Europe, and America is waiting, like i said, to chose what system they want. ”
    When everyone sees the new stuff from Sony and Nintendo, the Xbox 360 will be old news by comparison.” Thats assuming that Sony has new stuff to show. Nobody is impressed by the line-up sony has for PS3, and thats where exclusives come into play. All Sony has going for it is MGS4, maybe in fall 2007. do you think that can compare to halo 3 or splinter cell 5? thats why exclusives are so important. Sony has nothing unique to offer anybody. If you went out and bought a PS3 today, what would you spend your extra $200.00 on? BLue-ray? do you even have a 1080p tv? On-line? the 360’s on-line network is hundreds times better. all sony is doing is making a bad copy of it. Potential? I cannot see anything coming out for the PS3 untill 2008 (god of war 3) and thats too long. When consumers who are waiting on the fence ( a majority of the population) look at the PS3 kiosks that come out next week, do you think there is going to be enough to set its self out to be a “must buy?” Think about it like this: Resistance vs. Gears of war. Thats what a lot of people will be looking at this holiday. What it all boils down, its all about Games. Xbox 360 has better, and more games that Sony, and its easy to see why. Ask anyone who is developing for these systems. Like i said, its all about games, and games go where the $$$ is. Unless Sony can sell a bunch of systems to increase their user base, developers will not make money, and they will not make games for that system. So, what this entire thing boiles down to is that the Xbox 360 is established and offers a solid system with great on-line and great games. Ps3 is too much a risk at this point, and people will chose the 360, because its a cheeper and solid choice. So i ask you: what makes the PS3 stand out? The 360 will not go anywhere, and remember, it has a lot to prove. It will reach 10 million units before Sony has their meger 400,000 (maybe?). The face that xbox has gotten where it has while competing aginst the ps2 (a great system w/ a huge libary), and now the ps3 has no advantages, how can the PS3 have a hope in this generation?

  27. HawkTail permalink
    October 20, 2006 2:47 pm

    first, i’d like to correct a mistake i made in previous post. 360 had pre-ordered 100,000 stystem’s in Jaman, not 1 million.

    this was on wikipedia

    Total: 5.0 million consoles sold, as of June 30, 2006[3]

    Quarterly data
    Q4 2005, 1.5 million units [58]
    Q1 2006, 1.7 million units [59]
    Q2 2006, 1.8 million units [60]
    Microsoft’s forecasted cumulative estimates:
    Q4 2006, 10 million units sold [61]
    Q2 2007, 13-15 million units sold[62]

  28. October 20, 2006 3:32 pm

    I see, they must’ve meant 5million more from now till next summer. But what i read in the post said 5 mil worldwide. Musta been a typo. Or not.

    Ok listen, you’re very obviously anti-Sony and pro-MS. But, there are some things you just can’t avoid. “Nobody is impressed by the line-up sony has for PS3.” Oh, really? You shouldn’t trust the comments section of an Xbox fansite to tell you that. It sounds like you only paid attention to E3. Sony has a bunch of big games that people are excited about– they even have my interest. At launch they have Resistance: Fall of Man, which by virtue of being a launch game, is destined to be the next big shooter. Motorstorm is the rich man’s Excite Truck. Even David Jaffe’s next game turned out to be a $15 downloadable title.

    “All Sony has going for it is MGS4, maybe in fall 2007. do you think that can compare to halo 3 or splinter cell 5?” Ok, i can tell you were an Xbox 1 owner, so i’ll put it gently: Splinter Cell does not compare to MGS. Believe it or not. In sales, in interest, in everything. Oh, and i just realized that we’re talking about the stealth rivals. Seriously man, who really thinks Splinter Cell is of the same calibur as MGS or Halo? It’s not. Splinter Cell is almost an annual multiplatform affair. It’s not of the same pedigree as Zelda.

    “360’s on-line network is hundreds times better.” Wait till you see it, friend. Sony already matched Live’s marketplace and Arcade. The only thing left to see is how the games play online, and neither of us has seen how so you should ditch the biased dismissal and actually give it a chance and see it. “I cannot see anything coming out for the PS3 untill 2008.” Then open your eyes, cause they’re there. You just named MGS4, and there’s also (as far as my non-PS3 self knows) Devil May Cry4, Ridge Racer, Full Auto 2, RE5, Oblivion, Sonic, Untold Legends, Call of Duty 3, GT5, GTA4, UT2007, and i suppose the list goes on. Just looking at that, i see no reason to out and out reject the PS3. It has big games, period. You may not want them, but you’re already decided – you weren’t ever gonna buy them anyway. You’re a 360 guy. To Sony, your opinion doesn’t matter, cause there are millions of people out there that will see PS3 for what it is and snatch it up.

    The question of developers going where the money is is irrelevant. Sony has secured all their developers already. Devs are making games for PS3 and they won’t abandon it halfway through just because it may cost a lot or they only have 400,000 systems out. Sony is paying them loads to do it and they will make those games. 360 games cost a lot too you know, they’re just easier to develop. And so what? It’s been proven that when devs get familiar with PS3 architecture, they can do more things than with 360. Resistance proves it, and it shows, especially when compared to Gears of War. Matter fact, 360 has proved that the only way to get the best looking games on it is to use Unreal. I mean come on. I’m glad Unreal 3 doesn’t run on Wii just because it means developers will make their own engines to push their own artistic style rather than looking like Unreal Tournament. This is more of an opinion, but the fact remains that Resistance looks better than anything on 360 and the consumer will take note.

    “xbox has gotten where it has while competing aginst the ps2 (a great system w/ a huge libary), and now the ps3 has no advantages, how can the PS3 have a hope in this generation?” Once again you are lying to yourself by saying it has no advantages, but the answer to your question is quite simple. People who snag a PS3 will be able to play all their PS2 games on it. People who won’t will continue buying PS2 games. I guarantee you, either PS2 or Wii or DS will be the top selling system of the season. Not 360, not PS3. However, it’s more of an omen on 360 because it has sufficient inventory. This year they can’t create that demand of low stock and sellout. Sony will have that. They have hype on their side. A majority of people are not on the fence between PS3 and Xbox. Maybe a majority of the sites you visit, but not of the people who will be out there buying buying buying.

    I’ll remind you that i am mostly a Nintendo person when it comes down to it, so don’t disregard my views as being from a Sony lover. However, it’s safe to say that you’re brainwashed by Microsoft, so all i have left to tell you is to wait till December and next October to see how off you were. Like most everyone else said, no system has a real chance of dying off in this hardware cycle. So there’s PS3’s hope in this generation, along with everything else i said. Deny it to your grave, but whether it kills off the 360 or not, it will succeed.

  29. Anonymous permalink
    October 20, 2006 5:27 pm

    WOW. Its a good thing your not bias towards PS3…Have you played Resistance? Do you know any developers? Have you talked to consumers? Sonys on-line network is not nearly as good as Live, because its a lame copy of it. It has no orignal features and they havent even said cost, or said what it is 100%. As far as being a “microsoft fan” that is also not true. Windows is not a good O.S, and i own a Mac. It looks like YOUR the one eating up Sonys press machine. Have YOU played a PS3? You cant state “facts” that you have no clue about. As far as Splinter Cell’s development cycles go, its the smartest development process. 2 studios are working on it, so each studio gets 2 yeahr to make the game, which is why each one brings something revolutionary to the table. I personally cant stand MGS for a number of reasons, but thats not here nor there. Each Splinter Cell makes tons of money (each one selling more than 1 million copies). And i still stand by the fact Sony has no games to impress anyone. Resistance is NOT ANY GOOD!!!!! Bad A.I, and lackluster gameplay (and this was at 80%!!) If thats the best Sony has, than that just proves my point. THe POINT is that SONY DOESNT OFFER ANYTHING WORTH THE EXTRA $200.00. Gonna pay $200 extra to play Oblivion? Motorstorm? GTA4? COD3? RE5? Assissains Creed? Those games are coming out for both systems and they will look the same. So I ask you again… “what makes the PS3 stand out?”
    Devil May Cry and MGS4 dont have a big enough fan base to ensure the PS3’s “victory.” Neither of those games are under contract to Sony, and if they dont make enough $, they will go multi-platform (look at MGS2 on xbox and Resident evil 4 on cube) I am still waiting for you to tell me what people are getting for that extra $200.00. The answer is nothing. You “might” get better graphics in 3 years, you “might” get a blue-ray player IF that format takes off, and you might get a couple Japanese exclusives (DMC4, MGS, FF13)

  30. HawkTail permalink
    October 20, 2006 5:28 pm

    post above (29) is mine, and proud of it! 🙂

  31. October 20, 2006 5:56 pm

    So your bias isn’t with MS, but against Sony. Wow, big diff. Either way, there’s no getting through to you. You’re going by your own biased feelings, so how do you expect anyone to take your word.

    I pass on the bullshit platter when it goes around, i don’t buy anyone’s press. What i do go by is what i see myself, and i see that PS3’s failure is being exaggerated.

    Motorstorm is a PS3 game, bub. If you really wanted an answer, you wouldn’t be yelling because it’s clear that you’d disregard anything. If you saw the headline “Halo 3, Zelda, Mario, Metroid, And World of Warcraft PS3 exclusives” you’d shrug it off. Once again, you go by what your Xbox compratriots tell you.

    PS3’s online service is free, so those extra 200 you spend on the system, even if you don’t think the hardware capabilities and Blu-ray are important, after a couple years, that will pay for itself in comparison to the 60 bucks a year you waste on Live.

    MGS2 went to Xbox as a director’s cut many months later, same with RE4. You know that exclusivity these days is fickle at best. But since you wanna be proven wrong so badly, here, i’ll show you the exclusives for PS3:

    Eight Days
    Fomula One 06
    Genji: Days of the Blade
    Gran Turismo HD
    Heavenly Sword
    Hot Shots Golf
    Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier
    Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms
    My Summer Vacation
    Resistance: Fall of Man
    The Eye of Judgement
    White Knight Story
    DC Universe
    Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom
    Devil May Cry 4
    Bladestorm: The Hundred Years War
    Fatal Inertia
    Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
    Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire
    Ridge Racer 7
    Tekken 6
    L.A. Noire
    Fifth Phantom Saga
    Full Auto 2: Battlelines
    Miyasato Miyoshi Kyoudai Naizou: Sega Golf Club
    Virtua Fighter 5
    Final Fantasy XIII
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Wooow, that’s all going to 360 too, huh. Man, PS3 has nothing that makes it stand out. Let me predict your reaction: “OMG, all that’s going to 360! It sucks anyway!” You haven’t played any of em, so shut your trap and at least wait for an effin review if you won’t try it out for yourself in fear that you might. actually. like it.

    Mind you these are announced games pre-launch. And for the record, the games are looking better now. Compare any PS3 exclusive to the best stuff on 360 and you can see for youself. It doesn’t hold a candle to PS3. It’s close, but not that close. Not in three years, i’m talking about now.

    Your in denial, own up to it.

  32. HawkTail permalink
    October 20, 2006 6:51 pm

    LOL thats really funny…” You haven’t played any of em, so shut your trap and at least wait for an effin review if you won’t try it out for yourself in fear that you might. actually. like it.” ive played :Full Auto 2: Battlelines, Ridge Racer 7,Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, MotorStorm,The Eye of Judgement, Warhawkand Resistance: Fall of Man. so your right…i havent played any of them… nor have i used the ps3 controller (which is small, and caused my thumbs to hit eacher, and the triggers that are substitutig for l3 and r3 are not well made at all). I am very anti-PS3. I own a ps2 and think GOd of war was one of the greatest games ever. Jack & dexter is on my favorite list. I will admit that i am not a huge fan of the ps2, but i like it fine. I am a fan of high quailty products, and companies that dont want to take advantage of me. Sonys on-line service is not 100% announced. its up to developers to do what they want. Who knows if playing on-line is free or not. Before you bash the 360, maybe you should play it for a while, and try out xbox live silver (which is free) I ve been involved in the game industry for over 3 years, and have attended 3 E3’s. How many have you been to? I am not the one w/ a web site “reporting” about things. I am writing as a knowledgable person, trying to say whats going on. People in the game industry often forgot about consumers opinions about things. Thats why the PSP failed (failing) its just like the PS3. usless disk format, stupid interface, too expensive, what ever the reason. And I dont want to here that the PS3 is doing good.
    As far as graphics are concerned: they reaally dont matter! the xbox was triple the power of the PS2, and which one sold the most. Wii, the “weakest” of the 3 systems had the biggest lines @ E3 and TGS. Sony is making all the mistakes the first Xbox made. So, before you post back, why dont you think a little and respond back to my comments…

    (i didnt mean to write motorstorm as a 360 exclusive)

    And same goes to you buddy…”Either way, there’s no getting through to you. You’re going by your own biased feelings, so how do you expect anyone to take your word.”

  33. frisby permalink
    October 20, 2006 7:10 pm

    Well I never expected our first major flame be us defending Sony…against a X-Box fan.

    Doesn’t surprise me. This will be an all out war, and blowing off Sony like that is like Japan blowing off America while attacking Pearl Harbor.

    I was a big Sony fan for a while and would defend them over XBox. After I started playing Nintendo again, I realized most of the Sony has a lot of over saturation. I later went against my former stance and got a Xbox to play the games that where improved by being on Xbox (mostly for customizable soundtracks) I play a few exclusives on the box but with the set up I have now I have to honesty say I do prefer Xbox to Sony.

    With my life story being noted, the PS3 may infact be better than the 360. They have the advantage the first XBox had by coming out later and sizing up the compatetion. Xbox had better graphics, custom soundtracks, and live features up against the PS2.

    Now we have (a gamble) BluRay, Free Online service with more features than Xbox Live, better graphic capability, and 100% backward comparability, and as before an over saturated game market.

    It will be very interesting what Sony does with it’s advantages. If they play their cards right they can come out on top again. Exclusives from non Microsoft developers can be bought out, so naming the names means nothing in the long term sense. Sony copying MS is nothing new, just the first time MS has had to feel the sting of what they have done to Linux and Apple for the last 2 decades.

    Take sides if you must, but don’t talk as if Sony is making a Fisher Price kids toy compared to your 360. Thats just foolish.

    Grow up Peter Pan.


  34. HawkTail permalink
    October 20, 2006 7:36 pm

    I am not comparion the PS3 to a fisher price toy, I think i was just in comparion it to the PSP. They are very similar by offering a un-proven disk format (blue-ray & umd) and having better graphics that its competition. I still dont get where you get that PS3 on-line is better than Live (more features) and they havend announced cost. Online ACCESS is free, it sounds just like xbox live Silver. Have you guys played 360 longer than a couple hours? I am not saying Microsoft is the best (mac owner) i am not even saying the 360 is the best. To be honest, it feels like they could have made it more powerful. THe Xbox 360 is just a solid system. It has no risks (as far as proving Cell, or BLue-Ray) and it doesnt offer anything Spectular. I just dont understand how anyone can still believe Sony after all the lies they have told. I mean, now, Sony is saying 400,000 systems are a target. So here is a $600.00 video game consel (almost $700.00 including tax and hdmi cable) that will have practically no systems at launch, a questionable line-up, a questionable disk format, pissed off Sony fans, and avalable 360’s with gears of war, mass effect, and halo 3 looming. And since we keep “spectulating” about Sonys on-line, lets spectulate about the PS3 failures it will surley have. What if 1 out of 4 systems didnt work? 25% of PS3’s not working (not to hard to imagine after the PSP and PS2) what than. How long will you let Sony spoonfeed you this crap till you break? What its all is about is that i am happy w/ my 360 because of the stability it offers. The WII will be a blast w/ Red Steel, rayman and Zelda. THe PS3 is just plauged with too many unknowns to even begin to call it the best of next gen.

  35. HawkTail permalink
    October 20, 2006 7:42 pm

    And BTW, read this for fun…

  36. frisby permalink
    October 20, 2006 8:02 pm

    OK how about out this.

    I use OSX and I use Windows XP.

    I feel both have pros and cons and I prefer diffrent jobs on diffrent platforms.

    I constantly defend mac’s to people who only have PC’s and don’t care enough to give mac a chance (mostly just close minded). I am not saying PS3 is the best of next gen, in fact this 3 console contest has all kinds of different aspects to it (including wii as a next gen). I am just saying they are all diffrent and will have pro’s and cons.

    In the same respect as Mac to PC YOU are having a closed mind. Give everything a chance, just like I gave XBox a chance.


  37. October 21, 2006 1:36 am

    Ok ok ok, i’ll concede the fact that i assumed you hadn’t played PS3 before. Fair enough. And great, you’ve been in the industry for 3 years, so have i. Go down the hall to J Allard’s office and tell him i said hello.

    How-ever, the way you try to make your points is what has you being laughed out of the room. You went to E3 and played some early games….So what? Remember how bad Perfect Dark looked last year? It happens, unfinished games tend to be buggy and less snazzy and not as fun as they are when they’re released. If you’re gonna hold your mild experiences with their pre-released software against them, you have other issues. And just for kicks, let’s recall the fact that Halo was a sleeper hit when it launched after a modest E3 showing.

    Maybe graphics don’t matter, but as part of the total package, they do. And, really, don’t use the PS2/Xbox argument here, cause Sony actually DID something with their 1 year lead to stave off whatever MS could promise. This is different. Stop using old outcomes as predictors of the upcoming war when you’re completely swapping the companies’ places. Sony has planned 6 million PS3s shipped by March; Nintendo’s promised 12 million by the same time. They will catch up in no time, i’m positive.

    If you have sour grapes over whatever lies you say Sony has made, well, maybe you should reevaluate what it is that’s important to you the gamer than you the company hating outspoken pre-consumer. “Pre” because, as i said, it aint out yet. Save your judgements for launch day. Don’t assume that shipment targets will change, that it has a questionable line-up (even though it was officially announced the other day), and that all of Sony’s fans are pissed off (so those walking human pods that bought out every single PS3 pre-order were empty?).

    How do you know Gears of War, Halo 3, and everything Wii – system included – will be good? What if it all bombs? Does it make PS3 less of a sinking ship, or will that not matter?

    Your brash predictions come off as hopes and wishes rather than analysis, and it’s hard to see them as anything else. So however you feel about 360 and PS2, it doesn’t change the fact that you blatantly want the PS3 to fail. That, sir, is pathetic.

  38. Hawktail permalink
    October 21, 2006 4:06 pm

    1) PS3 deserves to fail
    2) perfect dark still sucked
    3) if you understood anything about development, you would know that when a game is at 80% complete, its done. All they are doing is final testing, adding diolog & music, and touching up.
    4) it STILL has a questionable line-up. most games are PORTS and there will be less than 10 titles avalable on launch.
    5) “Save your judgements for launch day.” same goes to you buddy. You are defending a system that is plauged w/ doubt and malfunctions (they STILL dont have a full working ps3 unit on display anywhere. None of the ones they have been showing have blue ray)
    6) the orignal “story” was the failure of Xbox 360. They have a solid system with HUGE 3rd party support. Its not going anywhere, and maybe PS# will do fine. What it boils down to is that the 360 will not fail and its YOUR bias and shortsightness that makes you think otherwise, so enjoy your ‘Nintendo fan site” and your PS3 (if you can get one, or if you do, it doesnt break down on you, or if it doesnt break down, you get some games that you enjoy, if your not to too broke…)

  39. frisby permalink
    October 21, 2006 5:57 pm

    Why does PS3 deserve to fail. Does 360 deserve to do good???

    These are all competitors in the market, and I am damn sure they could care less if you defended them or not. Just as much as Sony could care less if you think they will fail.

    If PS3 was DOOMED to failure they wouldn’t have had kids waiting in line to reserve them.

    Also, while I do lean more tword Nintendo, this is by no means a “fan site” Look up onto your Safari browser Mac boy, the title says:

    Intendo ~ the anit-fansite

    We bash Nintendo more often than not. We like Nintendo, but that doesn’t mean they don’t piss us off. If you can say you 100% agree with the XBox division of Microsoft, than more to you buddy. We aimed to piss off the Nintendo fanboys that plague our existence, but if we piss off a few XBox and Sony fanboys in the crossfire…great. We don’t like fanboys of any kind and see no reason to discriminate.

    “What it boils down to is that the 360 will not fail and its YOUR bias and shortsightness that makes you think otherwise”

    360 has no hype this Q4. That is never good.


  40. HawkTail permalink
    October 24, 2006 11:23 am

    Well, Ill tell you what. I am going to the Pre-Release party for Gears of War in Hollywood, and ill tell you if it deserves the hype or not. Just for fun 🙂

  41. October 24, 2006 4:03 pm

    Good to know. But really, that game’s only gonna sell to current 360 owners and the few that’ll get one by Xmas. It won’t deter any Wii or PS3 purchases.

    Hey, who do you work for anyway? Curious.

  42. October 25, 2006 1:18 pm

    Here’s my comment to see if we can break the record of longest comment section for a post in the History of Blogging:

    I must confess that I am sort of a Sony hater, only because personally I hate the business tactics Sony has been dealing to consumers lately (that’s what made me feel “disqualified” to be a blogger for Intendo, by the way).

    But Rollin is right: the 360 seems to be in danger of falling on a “consumer’s limbo” by not having a killer app like Halo yet, and by a combination of its specs being inferior to the PS3 and not taunting the “fun factor” that Nintendo is boasting with the DS and the Wii.

    But the ultimate battle between the 360 and the PS3 is still to be fought, and we know Rollin realizes that. There are too many minuscule factors that could tip the balance and turn consumers over to one console or the other. Things like maybe Bungie releasing an earlier-than-expected launch date for Halo 3 on mid-November, or software developers taking more than a year to really take advantage of the PS3 superior specs, or production costs on all this new technology spiraling out of control for Sony.

    Rollin does make a good point that too many people have spelled doom for the PS3 too prematurely.

  43. HawkTail permalink
    October 26, 2006 12:36 pm

    The pre-release party for Gears of War was Awesome!
    I sat at the single player display and loaded the first level. It was action packed, without being frantic and required thought and tactics to survive and kill. The first level was really fun, but than I got to the second level. On this part, I got my hands on the chainsaw gun, which I used on the first bad guy I saw, and couldn’t stop laughing as I revved my chainsaw, and cut right thru the guy. So I abandoned tactics and just started chain sawing everyone! It was too fun, especially when the 10 people behind me were cheering me on
    After that, we moved to multi-player, where it was 4 on 4. The maps were small, so you got into the action quickly, and there was always 2 ways to get somewhere, which made camping almost impossible. The level that was my favorite was a train platform. Every minute, a train would pass thru the platform, and prevent each side from shooting each-other. To avoid the train, you could run across the tracks, or go under them. Chain sawing someone in multiplayer is the greatest thing ever. Make sure to practice your evil laugh as you cut people down!
    To sum up the game, it isn’t a mindless shooting game. If you run out and start shooting, you will die within 10 seconds. (I tried it, lol) What I was really impressed with was when I saw an obstacle (2 baddies on a turret) my first reaction was “there has to be a way to get around this.” And usually there is a way to outflank your enemies, and if not, that’s why you have grenades and chainsaws! On-line is pretty much the same. I noticed many people were content to just get in shoot-outs, while people that understood the game out flanked the enemies’ every-time. I can see some people not enjoying this, because it almost plays more like Ghost Recon than Halo. The A.I. in the first levels are also kind of easy, however, I was just killing “grunts” and not the real enemies of the game, (they show up in the 3rd act.) So after playing Gears of War for 21/2 hours, I can say it is definitely worth the hype, and will be a great game!

  44. October 26, 2006 9:55 pm

    okaaaaay. Someone’s pushing this gears of war thing a little too much eh?

    >>Make sure to practice your evil laugh as you cut people down!


  45. frisby permalink
    October 26, 2006 11:52 pm

    Yeah dude. I’m sure you could write on a blog somewhere about this “totally unrelated to anything we have ever stated on this site” game.

    I know you are excited, i can tell from the really long paragraph that. But man…damn.


  46. October 27, 2006 12:38 am

    Man, what a sales pitch. Must be one of those marketing trolls. Gets paid to hawk games on mesage boards. Don’t see what he wants here though, we’re like knee-high still.

    He sold that thing. I may not get a 360, but i’m damn well buying that Gears for War gizmo!

  47. HawkTAil permalink
    October 27, 2006 12:47 pm

    well, seems how you have NOTHING else going on on this worthless site, i figured on letting know that you 2 are idiots, and have no idea what you are talking about. GOW will be beter than anything sony puts out this year (including the SHITTY PS3, which you would die to defend) Enjoy waisting $700.00 plus on a POS and regretting it within 6 months. After that, you can look at this forum and say “Wow, we were sure dumb!” Anyway, I tried being rational and explaining this to you, but whatever. You are to big of SONY BITCHES to understand ANYTHING about the game industry. Enjoy your PS3 while bending over for Sony, Later!

  48. October 27, 2006 3:21 pm

    Even if you don’t like this guy, you gotta appreciate his impartial attitude. And he really has respect for Sony.

    For the record, we’re not Sony bitches, we’re most likely future Wii owners and Wii owners alone. Trying to explain to someone why they shouldn’t bother with a system before it’s out is like convincing your friend that he shouldn’t love his wife’s unborn fetus because it’s gonna hate him as a teen. At least let us give it a chance before we dismiss it, asswipe. But…whatever. Have fun!

  49. frisby permalink
    October 27, 2006 3:43 pm

    I gave my ps2 away for a xbox. I still play nitendo more. I hope Gears of War promo teams pay you well for your statements. Have fun playing it…bitch.

  50. $600 For What permalink
    December 5, 2006 4:48 pm

    I believe that there is 2 choices. But they are the Wii or the 360. I was actually going to buy a 360 last Friday, but I appearently found the only store is KC that had a Wii. After talking to the guy at Toy R Us I realized that the Wii is much more interactive. I’m not just talking about the remote, I mean it’s fun to actually watch other people play and get them envolved. I’m just out of college and still like to party it up, so the wii goes as good with a party as a pool table, dart board, or a bowling alley verses any other gaming system that makes you the unsocial point of the party.

    The other thing is I’m sick of Sony coming out with these products that fail. I shelled out $400 bucks back in the day for a mini-disc player. Then they lasted about a year before CD-R put that out of commission. Expect blueray to follow that nice little curve down the drain. Which brings me back to why PS2 did so good in the first place. DVD became popular, but the units were expensive. Now let me think about this. When I got my PS2 it was mainly because I wanted a DVD player, and not a new system. I was still happy with Bond 64 tournements. It was because should I buy a DVD player for $400 or get the PS2 that was a gaming system that played DVD’s for less. Well I pretty sure that helped them push through that first stage of sells and I’m sure that is want sony was thinking with bluray. I just don’t see that happening.

    Why will the PS3 fail. Because by the time it’s power will be harnessed a new system will be out. It is a little better than X-Box, but still less powerfull than a gaming PC. Then you get into the gaming part. You can still play pong on your computer so, it really comes down to the games you can play on the system. Therefore from what i’ve seen I will stick with my wii for now and get a 360 when the price drops and halo 3 comes out.

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