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Club Tendo

October 15, 2006

Heeey, faithful…um, vistors. I got a proposition for ya. Since you don’t like to comment on anything, i thought that maybe you’d be receptive to the idea of getting together for some Clubhouse Games wifi. Fine, we aren’t friends per se, but we can pretend while i beg you to go easy on me as my ball strikes every set of pins. Hold Em isn’t the only game with bluffing.

Share those friend codes with me in the comments so we can play Blackjack and you can witness massive black “jacks” in the chat while you make your bets. Be good.

[My code is:0473-2543-4398]

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  1. October 17, 2006 1:31 am

    Sorry… had to get the game before I posted a comment, see?

    Anyway, my Club House friend code is:

    2620 7411 3405

    and the nickname is Mugwump!

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