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Taking Sides, you will miss out either way

October 14, 2006

So now here we are at the big turning point in the gaming world. Finally all 3 systems will be available for you to choose from in only a month and a few days. Assuming you have not bought a 360 already, you will have to undoubted take sides and try to make the best decision ( I got a Sega Saturn instead of a PS1 initially..still hurts).

At least in the old days you could own multiple consoles and have no problem digging on both (SEGA Genesis and SNES, even PS1 N64,)

It seems like now (with pricing) you have to pick sides, and most times it comes down to loyalty and gambling on which system to choose.

Also it comes to commitment. It takes a lot of commitment to have your 360 all full of music and a Live account paid for while earning points. Then you may have a  Mii all set up and friends to find online. Also you may have a Sony online account with all of it’s bells and whistles that require a lot of attention. Thats a lot of stuff to keep track of while you work a second job just to pay for your credit card debt you acquired to have the option of playing any exclusive you want.

You can’t get everything you want in one console, and it’s getting harder as a consumer to get everything you want.

Maybe in the NEXT generation someone will bust an Apple move and let me boot the WiiHDii on a NextBox 428 or a PS4.
Until then We have to take sides and miss out on great games until we hit the Next Gen period when the dying consoles and their games are dirt cheap. So instead of buying two consoles this year, how about you allot that money for some new old games for the cube, ps2 and/or the big black box.
So if you would be so inclinded. Tell us what side you have chosen and… why

Charlie Frisby

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  1. becs permalink
    October 14, 2006 5:23 am

    I chose xbox 360 because it came out first and I already had an xbox.
    Next I will buy the Wii, probably in January when funds are heavier.
    PS3 not out in Europe until March at least and its pricey, so I will wait for a price drop before buy in.

    I like all consoles. I have no loyalty to any particular company. I think each console has enough exclusives to make it worth owning all 3 at some point.

  2. October 14, 2006 7:50 pm

    you dont miss out, if you dont want everything out there to choose from.

  3. October 14, 2006 11:09 pm

    I think you nailed it with this post, Friz!

    The problem with this console war is partly the lack of money to get all the options, and biggest part the lack of TIME to invest in all these options!

    In my personal case I will go with the Wii and the 360. The Wii because it is the cheapest and the one that most probably will ease the tedium of playing the same old games the same old way. The 360 because of Halo 3. Which means I won’t get the 360 until that game comes out sometime next year…

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