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A slew of criticism: Bloggers and Wii

October 10, 2006

[Written 2 weeks ago as the intended first post for the site, but wasn’t published until now (unedited). Keep that in mind.]

wii statusIn the middle of what would seem like a Nintendo rennaisance (depending on where you get your news), a couple of bloggers ’round the virtual spaces have recently voiced their strong abjectivity – or plain old lack of faith – in Shiggs’ white box. The first is Stan Beer, some pale old fat guy with glasses who runs a blog somewhere. He’s written an article about how the PS3 will reign supreme for years to come, and in the process managed the impossible: he enraged the online Nintendo community. Kudos, Stan. Pat yourself on your hairy back.

Anyway, his piece was basically about his predictions of the game industry’s next 5 years, based on the gaming preferences of his 12 year old and his similarly aged friends. He also goes off of the past 2 generations of consoles. Lots of offbase market analysis and bad grammar goes down, and he admits to only being an observant parent and nothing more, but i kinda see where he’s coming from. Looking at it from his point of view, any parent who made similar logical guesstimates would jump to that same conclusion.

Howevertheless, the bastard doesn’t what the fuck he’s talking about and made the mistake of voicing his fact-filled postulation on a blog. A blog that would be read by someone. Hence, a blog post that would eventually catch wind and bite him in the ass in the morning. Then he writes a rebuttal for all the hate mail and negative comments he got, pretty much fanning the flames of the fanboys even further. F. But anyway, the guy got publicity and thus so did Wii, albeit negatively.

To sum it up, he unknowingly made an ass of himself, but wasn’t wrong, due to the simple fact that he had layman’s logic, parent-to-videogame obliviousness, and some quick net research on his side. In other words, you can read his articles and smile as if a retard wrote it, but don’t take his business school degree too seriously.

Next there’s 1UP. The 1UP guys, from what i’ve seen in the past week, have been on a kinda apathetic “Wii’re not amused” slant away from Nintendo’s world. First it was what’s-his-name, Luke…Wilson? I’m not sure exactly, but now it’s Sam Kennedy and his blog making the fansite headlines. Sam just got back from the (suckass) Tokyo Game Show and opined on his experience there via his blog.

He talks about how much he loved MotorStorm and how he isn’t sure if he’ll be able to play Excite Truck after experiencing that muddy greatness. Sam compares: “It’s like, on one hand I could be playing this phenomenal looking game that controls really well, or on the other I could play this “kids toy” with last-gen visuals and steering that actually never feels like I’m in complete control. Heck, if Sony adds tilt control to MotorStorm, there really will be no reason for me to play Excite Truck.”

You know, last year when i saw MotorStorm during E3, it was the most impressive game to me of any, visually. Last week i saw some new screens; and i laughed. The screens were so underwhelming that i assumed Sony glamorized the trailor i saw like all the other PS3 stuff that year. But after reading Sam’s blog, the argument of motion vs screenshots comes to mind. Then there’s the control issue. While reading, i thought he’d say that he could have pretty visuals with a decent controller or blah visuals with a kickass control scheme, but he threw me for a loop. Usually in these comparison situations, there’s a subjectively equal tradeoff.

Well, after he said that, i felt that little “aw damn” feeling that i occasionally get when someone puts down something about Wii i’m semi-excited about, mostly because the Excite Truck videos all seem like the controller’s movement detection lags a little (proving Sam right). Then i got to thinking: man, if i’m so goddamn impartial, why does that bother me, even if it’s a tiny bit? I figured and realized that Wii is probably the only console i’ll get within the next few years, for various, varying reasons. And i probably won’t own a PS3, so i can’t really shrug something like that off so easily. I mean, yea, MotorStorm won’t make or break my future happiness and well being, but it’d be nice if – just once – there’d be one single console that had all the games i wanted to play.

Got all weird in the end there, didn’t it?

Moving on, Sam gets an honest head nod from me when he states what i’ve been saying for a while: “I’m not iffy on the concept — Nintendo is so right-on about removing the controller as the barrier for non-gamers — and I’m not iffy on the console itself (except for the fact that it’s not HD), I’m just iffy on the software lineup. What games are you most looking forward to playing on it? A Mario, a Metroid, and Zelda all right around a system launch — a Nintendo fan’s dream come true! Except it doesn’t quite feel like that. Zelda? That should have just been a GameCube game. Metroid? Same deal. Mario? OK, yeah, it’s kind of cool — but is it better? Is it a better Mario experience than what we’ve had in the past? I’d seriously question that.”

I was with him (or rather, he was with me) 100% up until the Mario thing, but seeing as he’s most likely played the thing and i’ve only seen videos, he’s probably got good reason. Galaxy looks like my ultimate 3D Mario game — everything i could think of as the next great Mario. But that’s me, someone who didn’t think much of Super Mario 64 and liked Sunshine, so maybe i’m criminally insane.

He goes on about Wii’s shortcomings, as seen by him, which i’d like to show here, but my own paragraphs have stretched this post long enough without more of his. To give you a taste, he starts to get carried away talking about how the nunchuk is a cop out (i can see that) and how it shouldn’t exist (let’s not get crazy), how the DS is the only reason people still listen to Nintendo (true to an extent), and then he flips the 180 switch so as to not make every Nintendo fanboy elbow his computer monitor. But, of course, not before he makes me lose any respect i may’ve had for him and uses the geek fuck population’s current favorite phrase: “batshit insane”. Ugh, stop it.

To finish, these two fellas have generated a lot of backlash from the fan community and deservedly. They both portrayed negative forecasts for Nintendo’s new system, which, no matter how much damage control you try to employ, will always get you barked at. Congrats on giving the fanboys something to bitch at for one more day.

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  1. October 11, 2006 1:20 pm

    In my humble opinion (IHA), and before reading Stan’s blog entry, where I see a weak spot in Nintendo’s Wii strategy is that both the 360 and the PS3 look like they are perfectly capable of handling a Wii-mote-like device by simply introducing a plug-in sensor in one of their USB ports. So, if Nintendo hits a home run with the Wii controller, all that MS or Sony have to do is create a new series of games that use a similar device they can cheaply introduce to the gaming masses.

    Like with the DS, Nintendo should not rely on the new fancy control scheme by itself, or they will get kicked out of their market niche easily. They have to back it up with original and fun ways to use it!

  2. October 11, 2006 8:19 pm

    Well, it may not be that easy since Wii uses a proprietary port for the sensor and not USB, which it has. But it could be as simple as making a USB solution on the others.

  3. fresh permalink
    July 15, 2007 10:12 pm

    “Well, it may not be that easy since Wii uses a proprietary port for the sensor and not USB, which it has. But it could be as simple as making a USB solution on the others.”

    You can quite easily pair a Wii controller with any bluetooth enabled mac or pc using darwiin

  4. July 16, 2007 12:33 am

    Well there you go. It’s only a matter of time then, and i wouldn’t put it past the other 2 companies to announce their own by next E3.

  5. Flursuaks permalink
    April 14, 2011 12:28 am

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  6. April 24, 2013 12:30 am

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added”
    checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get three e-mails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service?

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