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Stop bitching

October 5, 2006

I can’t believe this. For some time now, i’ve been noticing people on many game sites talk about how “fans hate Wii’s price”. And i ask…are you shitting me? What did i miss? When did Nintendo fans get mad at Nintendo for a 250 buck price tag? More importantly, why? You guys are dickheads, i swear. By “you” i mean anyone who got upset over that.

InvisibleMan (friend of ours) once said that fanboys get crazy when a company – such as Nintendo – makes radically different changes to whatever they’re doing. This substantiates his claim. When Wii dropped the Revolution alias, people made petitions, blew up message boards, and burned down churches. Now this?

Ok, what the hell is wrong? Let me show you something. Wii, one game, and a controller costs you $250. That clear? An Xbox 360 (Core) brings a controller and nothing more for 300. If you’re still with me, a lower-end PS3 comes with a 20 gig hard disk and a controller for 500 bones. I just laid out the cheapest packages of the 3 consoles, in case you weren’t paying attention. Here’s a random quote from someone‘s blog of a Wii price complaint: “…But my first reaction was: $250?? Wow! That’s more than I thought it would be. The Wii is, for the most part, an overclocked Gamecube with a new controller. There are tweaks here and there, but it wasn’t exactly a major hardware revision. So why the expensive price, when currently Gamecubes are going for $99?”

To be honest, i once agreed with this statement, somewhat, but that’s cause it was such a non-issue that i didn’t think much of it. And right under my nose, people have caused an uproar. Let’s see if i can get through to them.

First, this guy. $250 was more than he thought it would be cause he was with all the maniacs in thinking Nintendo would release the thing at even lower than 200. For many, “less than 250” meant $99. His reasoning is that Wii is an overclocked GameCube with a remote attached to an analog stick. Hate to break it to you asswipe, but here’s the thing: it’s only $110 more than a GC. Think way, way back to two paragraphs ago. Wii retail package = Wii, Wii Sports, remote/nunchuk. If you break it down, it kind of corroborates Nintendo’s claim (since everyone’s so hung up on power) that Wii is twice as potent as GameCube. And why is it $110 and not $150 more? Because it comes with a game packed in. That’s the most crucial point everyone seems to miss. Wii Sports is a forced pack-in that on its own would probably cost you 40 bucks, at least. Depending on how valuable you consider Wii Sports, the actual system only costs you between 200-210 dollars, cheaper than most are making it out to be.

Second, Infendo’s Nick Frizzell. Nick wrote an article about Wii’s expensive remote. An excerpt: “Nintendo has no right to criticize the high priced offerings of Microsoft and Sony. The 360 is largely a console you play by yourself and online. Sony has never put multiplayer gaming high on their priority list. Nintendo always pictures the Wii being played with friends and family in the same room. That involves another controller or three. And when you add another $60-$180 to the $250 price tag, the 360 and PS3 don’t look quite as expensive.”

I like Nick cause he’s a smart guy, but fault him for thinking more with his heart than with his mind. His assessments of how the 3 companies have emphasized their console play methods is poppycock. Microsoft has always had a party system. There are about 5 million 360s in the hands of gamers right now and 20-some odd mil Xboxes. Out of all those owners, only about 2.5 million use Xbox Live (Xbox and X360 both play on Live together). This tells you that only a couple million Xbox users, 360 or original, play their boxes online out of roughly 25 million owners. From experience and hearsay, i know for a fact that the Xbox is a bona fide multiplayer machine, loads more than the GameCube. Co-op, split-screen, LAN parties — it all reigned and reigns on Xbox. Since Nick is a Nintendo guy, he wouldn’t know this (believe me), but that doesn’t excuse his fallacious declarations. It shows that he largely goes off of what he reads on the internet. He shoves his foot further down his throat when he states the old Nin-fan adage of Sony not being multiplayer focused because of the first 2 PlayStations only having 2 controller ports.

It’s true that this shows a lack of concern for more than 2 players, but again i gotta tell ya, even without a multitap, there was and is a lot of PS2 multiplayer going down. 2 players are multiple players, too. Just because Nintendo made 4 controllers their standard doesn’t mean that it’s the only acceptable way, or that they care more about you. Seriously, how many multiplayer Cube games allowed 4 players? How many of those were Cube exclusive, emphasizing Nintendo’s 4-player focus? Most importantly, what’s the ratio of PS2 multi games to Cube multi games? You may say that’s unfair, but it’s brutally fair. Enough about those old machines, look at Wii and the PS3. 4 players max on Wii compared to 7 on PS3. So, which is the multiplayer-focused company?

Nintendo, it’s clear, has made the console cheap so they could get you on the controller. Mind you, contrary to what Nick said, its price is justified. The core technology behind Wii is in that controller. They did fans a service by seperating the remotes and nunchuks, very few already announced Wii games that support 4 players will require the nunchuk for everyone. The only one that does is Red Steel, and that’s geared towards gamers would would buy the extra controllers anyway. For the average person, this means extra remotes would cost you 40, which is just as many dollars as an extra 360 controller. No more, no less.

Nick mentions that Nintendo envisions Wii play as a room full of remotes flying around. This brings to light the fact that Nintendo has cleverly made people think they need those extra remotes, nunchuks and all, for everything. People will complain, but those things will fly off shelves regardless. Good thing the controller’s so expensive, eh Reggie? Entice ’em with the cheap console, snag ’em with the costly controllers. I like your style.

He ends his write-up by saying that the extra controllers make the 360 and PS3 look more affordable, but once again his glasses are crooked. In his example, we’re talking 1 Wii with 4 controllers w/ nunchuks, which drives the price up to $430. This, my peeps, is sensationalism. Nick is puts this up against a 360 and PS3 without extra controllers, which when factored in accordingly, would drive up a 400 dollar 360 to $520 and a PS3 (assuming the Sixaxis will be 40 bucks, too) to somewhere around $620-$720. The second thing you need to look at in this comparison is the cost of games, which are usually $60 on 360 and will be upwards of that on PS3. In other words, controllers are one-time purchases that cap at 4 per system, while games are bought continuously. 60-dollar games add up a lot more than 60-dollar controllers.

What we have here is a case of a whiny blogger and a spoiled Nintendo fan (among others) both complaining about the wrong thing. The real issue is that Nintendo has packed in that damn Wii Sports to drive up the console’s launch cost, knowing that everyone’s gonna snatch it up. Nothing against the game – in fact it’s the only one i’m interested in – but people would have bought it eventually anyway, especially since it would be a cheaper-than-most title. If it weren’t packed in, the package would be a much more swallowable 200 shells, which is what everyone wanted; and will probably get once they drop Wii Sports from the bundle.

So don’t bitch about Wii costing $250, bitch about the company forcing you to get Wii Sports with it when you probably had your mind and money set on a different first Wii game.

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  1. frisby permalink
    October 5, 2006 8:32 pm


  2. October 6, 2006 1:02 am

    Good article!

    However, I disagree in the Wii Sports pricing, and its role in raising the price of the Wii. I think would cost, as a stand alone game, $30.00 at the most. And I don’t think including it actually increases the cost of the console (maybe the perceived cost), since it is only software, and it started its existence as a demo! Instead of throwing it away, Nintendo decided to include it to sweeten the deal…

    But any way you shuffle the price, the fact remains that the Wii, as far as price for a game console is concerned, offers the best deal to a gamer. Whether it is the BEST console, that remains to be seen…

  3. October 6, 2006 1:35 am


    Thank you, first off, but you’re crazy. Nintendo was never gonna throw that away- all the E3 demos (fake Duck Hunt included) are getting released under the “Wii Series”, for example “Wii Play” and “Wii Music”. Nor were they ever gonna charge you 30 bucks for a 5-in-1 games pack. And it increases the cost of the package, not the console – it is a bundle after all. [Fixed my wording for clarity.] The New Year’s or soon after price drop will prove my point.

    Plus, i bet you that no Wii game of that quality (GC ports not included) will ever be 30 bucks. I’ll buy you one if i’m wrong.

  4. frisby permalink
    October 6, 2006 4:54 am

    Wii sports reminds me of track and field. We all said the game was too short cost as much as it did. But YOU GET THE COOL PAD!!!

    Yeah, we justified the pricing of that heart attack inducing game even when we where little. Maybe Jack is right…..NAWWWW

  5. October 6, 2006 4:31 pm

    People are always going to complain about price, but they’ll still buy it eventually. I think PS3 is going to ultimately bomb in the end because of its price and consistent and eternal delays. I’ll never buy, play, or touch a 360 because I detest Microsoft and its products, period. I have always been a Nintendo fan and will always be. End.

  6. Atomsk permalink
    October 7, 2006 6:59 pm

    PS3 only supports 4 players. I remember when they claimed it had 7… but then they quietly lowered that number to 4, as u can see from the top of the PS3 controller only has 4 player LEDs.

  7. October 7, 2006 7:09 pm

    Their PS3 page still says 7, so i don’t know what’s right.

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