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NPC Dialogue

July 2, 2006

Every get irritated by lack of NPC dialogue variety. God knows I have. In fact when you play a game with a ton of different phrases you may find yourself poking an Orc over and over and over until he says really strange things.

So how about this. Describe your NPC, put him in a current or make believe game and give him 3 lines of dialogue, or more.

Here is mine

Game: Paper Infendo
Character: Rollin
Phrases: Sup bitch.
Fuck New Super Mario Brothers, it should have been on GBA!!!
Sick’em Frisby.

Give me yours biatches.

Charlie Frisby

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  1. Rollin permalink
    July 19, 2006 2:44 am

    How come no one commented in here? It’s a nice post (…now that a i read it).

    Game: Paper Infendo

    Character: Blake

    Phrases: “Get to it!”;
    “I’m a Nintendo enthusiast“;
    “How’s it goin’, Scott?”;
    “Hey chief”
    “What say ye, Infendoians?”;
    “GameCube got the job done, for me“;
    “Bring yo A-game!”
    “From the article”
    “PSP’s tanking”
    “…And i’m Blake”

    More later.

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