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Rules for buying used games…

June 4, 2006

I didn’t want my first post being video game related, but Rollin wanted to start a blog the same day I bought 2 older titles… so here it goes

Basically with Game Cube being pronounced Mostly Dead it is the pivotal time for buying up the older used games on the dying console. I remember buying NES games from Funcoland for 75 cents a pop when SNES came out and today you get em 10 to 15 bucks a each if your lucky. Same goes for N64 PS1 and Genesis. So right now is the time to build a great PS2, Xbox or (in my case) Game Cube Library.

Here are my rules for buying used games.

My first rule. Typically if I really know the game is a “gem”, I buy it new. Mainly because finding a used RE4 can be a little hard and even then sometimes demand is so high it may only be 5 bucks cheaper than a new copy. Also, when you buy it new you get the satisfaction of knowing you supported a game company, which helps them make even more awesome titles.

My second rule. Never buy more than 2 at once. I break this quite often, especially if I go to a place like Game-X-Change and want to buy up a bundle of NES titles that may be impossible to find later. Main reason not to buy more than 2 coincides with my third rule.

My third rule is to avoid boredom. Many gamers go trough a downtime of gaming usually caused by “Genre Overload” as i call it. If you buy 2 FPS’s at once you may never touch one because the other is more fun or just over all better than the other.

“But Friz, this one is a FPS in space with aliens and this one is a WWII rehash to the Xtream, they are totally diffrent LOL.”

Reply “Only in your mind you fool!!!”

Let me point out the only possible folly in my view on FPS’s would be creat a genre called “FPS Platformer“.Personally I feel its tricky to make that into a separate genre. Basically if its a FPS viewing scheme and has a button for jump you may consider it a platformer. I’m off subject. Buy an effing puzzle game and a sidescroller damn it. You will be able to enjoy both and not get bored with them as fast. Geez.

I guess that’s about it for my rules other than don’t buy lame games. If a game caught your interest way back when and you read mixed reviews just buy it, it cost about the same as renting it and worst case scenario is it sucks.

If you do find a awesome game that was under the radar TELL SOMEONE.

Don’t be afraid of games with new and different anything. The first time you turned on your NES or Atari you where trying something new, don’t be scared to do it now.

— Frisby

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  1. Rollin permalink
    June 4, 2006 5:25 pm

    Hey, Metroid Prime was an FPS-viewed platformer, damnit. Well, they did call it an FPA, so i guess it’s cool. You’re good.

    Whoa, check out my blogger image.

    (First blogger comment in weeks!)

  2. MuffinGal permalink
    June 6, 2006 9:47 am

    Renting is good (I use GameFly) but like you said, if that game is going to have me for the long haul – I just buy it. That is what I did for Lost In Blue, The Indigo Prophecy and Haunting Ground.

    Used games are good but for some reason, I prefer to get them on eBay. There are still honest people out there. Sometimes I find the gaming chains are slick hustlers.

  3. InvisibleMan permalink
    June 6, 2006 10:00 am

    I hate renting because it usually takes me a week or two to find time to really get into a new game.

    I usually play it once, then don’t play it again until a week or two later…

    Some games under the radar (that I liked):

    Otogi 2

    Lost Magic
    Touch Panic! (JP)

    Racing Gears Advance
    Riviera: the Promised Land

    There are more, but it would require a bigger article (I’ll work on it!)

  4. MuffinGal permalink
    June 6, 2006 11:38 am

    I saw Touch Panic on Lik-Sang and was thinking about it. So it’s really good?

  5. InvisibleMan permalink
    June 8, 2006 3:53 pm

    I liked it… but I like puzzle games, so it was perfect for me.

    Simply put, a little ball rolls around on tracks set atop wooden pieces in a grid. You can move the pieces around thus extending the path of the ball. The ball collects other balls along the way, adding to your score if the symbols in the balls align in a special way, like in poker. It includes many variations of the puzzle, like in Tetris.

    You can compete online, too, via Wi-Fi, but I haven’t figured out how to make it work (I guess I would need some Japanese friends in my Friendlist).

    I liked it better than Magnetica.

  6. Anonymous permalink
    July 19, 2006 10:50 pm

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  7. Anonymous permalink
    July 21, 2006 1:45 am

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