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My Thoughts Exactly

May 19, 2006

“The quote [in the link below] is funny because it typifies so much of what’s wrong with “reporting” at E3. First, we’ve got to give credit to the anonymous blogger who at least recognized the need to remain calm and somewhat even-keeled: good job. You recognized that you were there to provide coverage and to keep a level head about you, even as the company on the stage did their best to inundate you with trickery designed to sweep you off your feet. For that, you deserve recognition.

It’s unfortunate, however, that many members of the E3 “press” failed to quell their enthusiasm. I now recall in embarrassment the hoots and yells that routinely break out at E3 press conferences, particularly the Nintendo conference. Such ad-hoc outbursts of passion are appropriate at a pep rally, or at an Evangelical telethon, but they’re completely out of place in a room that’s supposedly full of members of the press (wouldn’t be much of a press conference without press there, would it?).

Why do press allow themselves to get carried way past the point of no-return, past the junction of logic and reason, to the point that they’ve lost all rational ability to see the hype for what it is?”

And i’m the crazy one…

“Polite clapping for Nintendo is quite enough, fanboys”. [Full article]

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  1. garyaga permalink
    May 19, 2006 11:54 am

    thats there job to get people mad, sad, happy, excited, horny, etc… whatever the cause.

  2. InvisibleMan permalink
    May 22, 2006 12:54 am

    Well, the answer is simple: there are waaaay too many people that are not members of the press at E3 these days… and it seems that the big companies know this, judging by the way they make their no-shows.

    I’ll say this, though: Sony and Microsoft were much worse than Nintendo when it came to empty hype!

  3. Rollin permalink
    May 22, 2006 9:43 pm

    The difference was in how each audience reacted. For instance…

    Peter Moore: “GTA4 will launch on October 17, with exclusive Xbox live downloadable and episodic content.”

    Audience: *single clap* [Peter Moore forces an applause]
    [Reggie introduces Miyamoto]

    Miyamoto: “Thank you, Leggie.”


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