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Tet and Met

March 27, 2006

This used to be a wifi blog once. Since then, AC has died, Mario Kart’s been flooded with snakers, and Tony Hawk never amounted to anything. Now, 2 new guys arrive with a lust for wireless.

Metroid Prime Hunters and Tetris DS are the heaviest of the WFC hitters, Metroid being the new king of wifi. When you get tired of that, pop in Tetris and let your brain get comfortably numb with 3 friends. Don’t worry, they aren’t (official) drugs, but this dual concoction can be lethal in large doses…Increase the dosage.

Leave your codes for Met and Tet at Infendo, post your meet up times here.

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  1. MuffinGal permalink
    March 31, 2006 11:38 am

    I am getting Tetris today. I gotta test Metroid first… or maybe not. ^_^

    I miss playing with you Rollin!

  2. MuffinGal permalink
    April 7, 2006 10:29 pm

    My Friend Code for Tetris is:


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