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Infendo Radio Impressions

March 26, 2006

Infendo Radio finally went down yesterday. As the picture indicates, only Blake and Scott (from were actually on the show, the rest of us were too busy to attend. In case you missed it, they talked about many goings on in gaming, such as the recent GDC and whatnot.

I found it to very interesting, actually. I liked the mix of Blake’s passion for Nintendo and Scott’s radio expertise/Nintendo appreciation. It was definitely rough, i thought. Definitely a pilot show, but the content was good. Blake’s nerves got the best of him alot of the time, which was my favorite part. There were times when he’d stammer 4 times before he’d get a word out, which i found hilarious. It was a funny, charming nervousness.

Once it hits its stride and has the 3 writers per cast, it’ll be more fleshed out. Plus the content will get better. I hope i can join it soon. I’ve been incredibly limited in my free time and my PC isn’t exactly fit to run whatever program they used on the podcast.

If any of the 2 ppl that stop by listened to it, what’d you think? Be specific, por favor.

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  1. InvisibleMan permalink
    March 28, 2006 2:38 am

    It reminded me of the now deceased Gamer’s radiocast, which I miss… It’s good to have you guys take its place!

    They made passing comments on a couple of postings I made, like the rumor on the new Revoultion name being “Nintendo GO” and the handle on the GC being one of the reasons it won best industrial design… glad to see they do read the comments!

    Good gaming music! I want to hear more of that, though…

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