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Cue the music…Rollin’s back

March 4, 2006

[To whomever this may concern,]

Alright, the “mutiny” is officially on ice. I can’t speak about it in any sorta detail, but i can assure you that the updates – like all the posts from those guys in February – will come back soon enough. There’ve been a few hangups that them fellas have come across, and once they have everything in order you will be the first they cryptically inform. The mutiny itself will happen elsewhere. You will find out when they tell you.

Back to business.

[When you see the sub-header “Engage Inform Enfold”, that’s your indicator that the mutiny is underway again.]

What was it that i did here again?

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  1. garyaga permalink
    March 5, 2006 11:12 am

    hey its status from express i got new ds so can you please re register my friend code is still the same but you still have to re register me(240578901379).New things in my town are ground art and i have the royal crown. send me a message with your info

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