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Canine Provisions

February 7, 2006

You will refer to them solely as the “Rebels” from this point forward.

They were supposed to strike last week, presumably Friday. Our mole sent word yesterday that the Rebels had experienced some complications with their preliminaries. We were awaiting a confirmation to send an update to your department. However, that doesn’t concern you right now. You and your team need to focus on keeping the Pigs and anyone close to them in the dark. It is in both of our best interests to amplify the Rebels’ efforts as best we can.

The people are still oblivious and the Pigs are still clueless. But the Rebels stay determined. They know they can and will make an impact. You must do nothing to impede them. As reckless as they seem, they have it all together. How they will execute, we do not know. Do what you can to ensure it’s a smooth process.

No communications till the work is done. I’ll be watching from my perch. Make sure you rule with an iron fist, breathe with an iron lung, and speak with an iron tongue. I don’t want to see what the Pigs do to your team if someone among you slips. Take every precaution necessary. You cannot be too safe.

Under all circumstances, don’t be a hero. Life insurance is a poor replacement for a partner.

Take care, D5

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