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The Coup is Done

January 24, 2006

Now i can officially pretend this is a real DS wifi hub- I got Tony Hawk DS. Man, i am so glad i didn’t buy it back when i wanted to. It gets old very fast. I got it free from a friend who lent it to me, forgot to take it back, then went back to college over the weekend. Mum’s the word, folks…

It plays pretty well, but the tiny face buttons are not ideal for this game. I still wonder why the Micro, of all things, has bigger buttons than the DS. Anyway, it’s a good version of Tony and looks great. You can tell the amount of work that was put into it. It features the typical friend code system to play against your friends over wifi and an automatch option, like Mario Kart’s Worldwide. I haven’t had a friend match yet, so i can’t comment on that.

I’ve done the automatch a couple times and it’s ok. You and another guy get thrown in some park in Free Skate mode until one of you picks a game to play. Horse and graffiti aren’t there, don’t ask me why cause i don’t fucken know. That pretty much makes multiplayer pointless for me. I mean, everyone on wifi busts out 12 billion combos each time, but still. Gimme my fave modes, damnit. All you can do is trick attack, combo mambo, and a few other useless modes. Unlike Mario Kart, all levels are playable online, so there’s that.

The absolute best thing about Hawk’s wifi is the downloadable goals. You can log onto wifi, download the latest goals, and play em right there without logging off. The best part is that they are actually challeging. Vicarious Visions seems to put some thought into these, so that’s cool. It sucks that you can only do one-on-ones in these large skateparks. I think they coulda pushed 3 simultaneous players.

As a wifi game, it’s a pioneer for the DS with downloadable content, probably the second handheld game ever to do it after Wipeout Pure. It’s cool that you can form skate clans with your friends and increase your rank against clans from around the world, too. Other than that, it’s a decent Tony Hawk with half assed online. The online features are good, but the online play is crap. Don’t buy it, but if you have it, post your friend code below. You know the drill.

[Sorry for the essay. Anyone listening?]

2 Comments leave one →
  1. MuffinGal permalink
    January 24, 2006 9:57 am

    I am listening.

    Sorry about Friday. That damned Prince of Persia was kicking my ass!

  2. InvisibleMan permalink
    February 9, 2006 4:20 pm

    I do have Tony Hawk on my DS!

    I haven’t played online because I didn’t know anyone with the game…

    What’s your name and friend code?

    (I’ll get mine soon).

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