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[In Limbo] Unnoticed Innovations

January 10, 2006

[I wrote Unnoticed Innovations shortly after Mark Rein said his infamous comments on the Revolution last fall. I had been thinking about these things for a while before he made those comments because i thought people weren’t appreciating the smaller things the Rev is putting into motion. When Rein said what he did, i put finger-to-keyboard. As i told Blake, it was “half a public reminder on Revolution, half a response to Mark Rein.”]

At this year’s E3, most gamers were disappointed that Nintendo didn’t follow suit and do a next-gen blowout. As a result, between then and the Tokyo Game Show, all gamers could talk and speculate about was the Revolution’s controller. And what Nintendo did reveal during that period before the controller was shown went largely unnoticed because of all the controller speculation flying around. It’s sad cause these things will be much appreciated when the Revolution comes.

Before TGS, Nintendo said they would make a point to not let too many types of the same games onto Revolution. It may seem dumb to deny certain games from appearing on your console, but this isn’t a legal precaution anymore, like it was for them in the 90’s. Now it means is that you won’t have to sift through a billion GTA clones and a gillion WWII shooters when perusing your local game shop’s Revolution section. They’ll also surely bar tons of gimmicky-for-gimmick’s-sake games. (Mark Rein, that one’s for you.) They simply won’t accept too much redundancy in their library, something already being achieving with DS. Furthermore, Nintendo has said they will employ “dynamic pricing” with Revolution content. What this means is that a game like Nintendogs on the Rev would cost around 20-30 bucks, while a Zelda would be the full 50 or 60 dollars. So the software pricing will be contextual.

What do you think of these overlooked improvements?

[Written October 28, 2005]

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