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[In Limbo] Revolution Madden

January 10, 2006

[This was my stab at how a Madden game on the Revolution would control. It makes alot of sense and sounds like tons of fun. It was approved and green-lit, but for some unexplained reason, it ended up not being published…Until now!]

The Revolution controller, or the Revmote™ as i call it, has been revealed. It’s sparked gamers’ imaginations of new genres and confused them as to how it would be used with existing ones. Most notably there have been questions regarding sports games. EA is the largest publisher in the world and not having them onboard for Revolution would not be good. I have an idea…

Madden Football is EA’s most lucrative franchise. It’s obvious that having Madden on your system is a no-brainer, but Revolution defies tradition and Madden is an old and very traditional franchise. It’s only right that people are unsure whether it would appear on Revolution or not. Well here’s my idea: Madden on Revolution should be a two-remote game. Each Revmote acts as one of the player’s hands. When you’re the quarterback, one remote acts as the hand with the ball, the other controls ur vision (first-person of course); you can use the d-pad of the vision remote to move your guy around. The ball hand remote can be pumped for fakes, thrusted downwards for a spike, thrusted straight at the tv towards the man you’re looking at (highlighted with B for precision) for the pass, or hooked high above your head towards your receiver for a lob.

As the receiver, you swing your arms as if you were running in place as hard or as slow as you wanted, to control the speed of your guy. If you are supposed to cut right, you stop swinging where you’re supposed to stop and aim your remotes to the right and start swinging again. When the ball is close, you speed up to catch up to it or slow down to not overrun it, then extend your arms for the completion. The A buttons on both remotes may have to be pressed for a more difficult catch. You can even attempt one handed catches if you wanna showboat. Since Madden has been a 2 player game forever, it shouldn’t change for Revolution and would be adequate considering its maximum of 4 controllers at a time. I’m not a huge Madden or football fan, but i think i’m on to something here.

Anything you’d like to add? Take away?

[2nd draft, written on October 24, 2005]

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