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Chiseling The Stone

January 6, 2006

You’re all aware of my wifi troubles with AC. Well, a little while ago i decided to try to work around whatever the problem was by taking Mario Kart online. And it worked, dagnabbit. After a worldwide race, i slid AC back in to see if MKDS had loosened up the DS’ wifi or somethin, cause the wifi sig was clearly there. But no doubt, AC still froze up at the gate with Copper’s ugly mutt face doin a Growing Pains freeze frame.

I decided to insert Kart again to see if it was still operational. Guess what? Nuh-uh. Wifi was there, but the error message told a different story. I headed for the rarely visited WFC Settings menu and started tinkering. I searched for routers and found 3, triple the amount of routers i used to “borrow”. The first was the good ol’ unlocked Linksys i’ve always used. The second was another unlocked one, this time a Mac router. The problem with both of these was that the signal was there, but i couldn’t obtain their IP adresses for some reason. Hopefully i can crack this (with your help..?).

The third signal was coming from a locked *gasp!* router named “bryant”. It seems as though this bryant is the culprit robot keeping me from my tribesmen. This bastard’s probably infected all the others to malfunction when i access them. It could just be a router some guy named after himself, but no. Look more closely. The one locked router in the vicinity has a human name. Even more malicious is that this beast didn’t even capitalize the “b”! You know what, bry? You’re a DOUCHEBAG.

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  1. Ryuben permalink
    January 8, 2006 5:40 pm

    Buy a Dongle you Dingleberry!


    If you have a PC or Laptop with a wireless card, you can open your browser and go to this IP address: or

    And try to access the unlocked Linksys router.
    User ID will likely be blank or “linksys”
    Password is usually blank or “admin”

    from there it should be self explanitory.

    Good Luck!

    Credit: Rachel, for suggestions.

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