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In Limbo [September to Remember]

January 5, 2006

[This was my very 1st piece for Infendo, so keep that in mind throughout. It may stink of Velveeta a little. Or alot. Also, this was the 1st attempt, so it probably meanders like crazy. That was your warning.]

Eight days ago today was a day i won’t forget. The night before, at about 1am, i was talking to about 5 people at the same time to see who would come camp out with me at Rockefeller Center. At 2am i showered, grabbed my Cube, DS, and bag, then met my friend downstairs. By this time it was 2:30-ish and really silent and dark outside, but the excitement was building. On the ride over there, we had a handheld war that never ended, literally.

Upon arriving at Rockefeller Center there, only 3 people were standing in front of the store. I asked if they were the only people there and they said no. As soon as we turned the corner i saw that i wasn’t the only person with Nintendo super fervor. The line was well into the hundreds, around 150. I couldn’t have asked for a better spot. People were strewn about the floor, i later found out that these guys in front were there since Friday afternoon. I don’t think we spent 10 mins in line before we were talking with people. Literally everyone we spoke to was way cool. Something i noticed immediately was the healthy mix of Nintendo fans present. If anyone frequents the Nintendo World Store on a regular basis they know that usually the people you find up there are the super dorked out, “eccentric” set who aren’t used to sunlight and dwell on message boards 24/7. There were almost none of these guys there. The line consisted mostly of the original NES generation, late teens to 30-somethings. Everyone in our group was really interesting and unique and were fun to talk to. We had lots of intelligent conversation. There was also some verbal console sparring going on elsewhere in the line.

Picto-chat was a center of attention when we weren’t having advance warfare. Lots of penises, curse words (both courtesy of me), and Sony/Microsoft/Anime hate flying around. There had to be at least 30 people trying to cram into a chatroom at once, so it was lagging beyond belief. The Advance Wars reigned supreme in the end. We had Combat wars with no less than 4 people at a time. A few rounds later we maxed out at 8 and kept it that way. It was awesome.

By around 7am, people started to stand up in anticipation as the 11 o’clock hour drew near. We were still sparring in Dual Strike so we didn’t really pay any mind. At around 9 or 10 we received our wristbands that guaranteed us access to Miyamoto– which were supposed to be given out at 7. At this point everyone was getting excited. People were selling self made Wario and Peach (?) hats, kids were running around the line, and some dudes were cutting. One of my guys almost beat up some kid for cutting ahead of us. We already had our wristbands but it was a matter of principle! Anyway, by noon we were in the front of the outside line and got in.

Soon as we entered, we saw that Reggie was there talking to people and signing stuff. I left the line and went to him, bringing some of my guys with me. I told him it was great to meet him as i shook his hand and he signed a spot-on charicature of himself. After my 2nd picture with him, he left cause he had to meet his mom for her birthday lunch. Aww. Afterwards, we went back to the line and continued up the stairs. When i saw his smiling head, it really sunk in how much of a happy guy he is. He was sitting inbetween some lady and Bill Trinen, the main translator at NOA’s Treehouse. You’ve probably seen him translating for Eiji Aonuma at E3.

I was the first of the group to get to him and i handed my Cube over pretty quickly. I watched at him sign it and soaked it all in. He handed it back and i gave him a hearty handshake with a smile. I wasn’t in shock, but i was feeling elevated. This dude i met there was actually shaking when he held his limited edition Zelda cover that was signed by both Reggie and Shiggs. Then we attempted to receive Miyamoto’s dog through bark mode, which for some reason took me forever, and then left.

Overall it was more than i could’ve hoped for and more. This was probably the single greatest event for American Nintendo lovers ever and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Reggie was a great surprise and Miyamoto is the best guy in the world. The guys and gals were awesome, the time spent was awesome, the employees were awesome, and meeting these two great men that are heroes to many generations of Nintendo fans was the ultimate. The several hundreds of us, and those who were there in spirit, will never forget this day.

[Written October 3, 2005]

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